Weather by the Numbers 7/3/13

| July 3, 2013 @ 9:13 pm

As promised, here is a list of cities that were too hot again today, maybe I should say “way too hot.” This has been a hot weather event to remember forever, not just in the Desert Southwest and other parts of the West, but also in the Midwest and East and even parts of the South.

Here we go with today’s list. Actually, the heat has backed off somewhat in some of these cities:

90 Eugene, Oregon and Denver

95 Corpus Christi

91 Dallas/Fort Worth

93 El Paso

98 Great Falls, Montana

95 Helena, Montana

94 Houston

112 Yuma, Arizona and  Las Vegas

100 Salt Lake City

07 San Antonio

108 Fresno, California

106 Tucson

95 Waco, Texas

93 Wichita Falls, Texas

111 Phoenix

USA extremes today included a low this morning of 37 at Silver Bay, Minnesota and Hayward, Wisconsin. Hottest this afternoon was 128 in Death Valley. That famous observation point is where the highest temperature in the USA occurred about 1936 with a high near 136.

In a few days I will write a J.B.’s Journal about our very difficult trip to Fraser, Colorado to check out the little town that was the coldest spot in the nation almost every day until the U.S. Department of Commerce put a stop to it after one of the Chamber of Commerce offices in Denver filed a strong complaint.  I hope everyone has a very pleasant 4th of July. Weather folks have to keep working like any other day, but we don’t mind. Life goes on.


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