Snow For Parts Of Alabama

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An all new edition of the ABC 33/40 Weather Xtreme video is available in the player below. You can subscribe to the Weather Xtreme video on iTunes by clicking here.

COLD CORE ON THE WAY: At 5:00 this morning, Lake Charles, Louisiana is reporting snow with 33 degrees. Moderate snow is falling at Baton Rouge with 34 degrees and 1/2 mile visibility. I would imagine the college kids at LSU are having a blast.

Other late reports from the west:

*WDAM-TV reports large snow flakes are now falling in Hattlesburg
*WAPT-TV reports snow is beginning to accumulate in McComb, MS
*WBRZ-TV reporting convective snow (snow with thunder) in Baton Rouge

From the Jackson, MS NWS IM confernce:

JAN: Hattiesburg [Forrest Co, MS] emergency mngr reports SNOW of M0.5 INCH at 06:27 AM CST — there are now reports of up to half an inch of accumulation on grassy surfaces and bushes…and also on cartops.
6:35 AM
JAN: 5 Ne Bude [Franklin Co, MS] trained spotter reports SNOW of U0.0 INCH at 06:30 AM CST — snow beginning to accumulate in the eastern part of franklin county with moderate snow falling
JAN: Brookhaven [Lincoln Co, MS] dept of highways reports SNOW of E0.0 INCH at 06:30 AM CST — snow beginning to accumulate on bridges and overpasses…and three car accidents have already been reported.
JAN: Columbia [Marion Co, MS] law enforcement reports SNOW of M0.5 INCH at 06:32 AM CST — reports of half an inch of snow in the city of columbia.

That cold upper low is moving in our direction, and will bring snow to parts of Alabama today. As we have discussed many times here this week, you can pretty throw out model data when working with these things; simply look out the window and use observed weather as your main guide.

WHAT HAPPENS IN ALABAMA: As the dynamic cooling process begins today under the cold core upper low, temperatures in the lower column of the atmosphere will fall, and the rain should change to snow. Snow flakes are possible all the way down into Southwest Alabama, where the NWS in Mobile has issued a winter weather advisory for Choctaw, Washington, and Clarke counties. Most communities north of a line from Chatom to Demopolis to Birmingham to Gadsden have a decent chance of seeing snow flakes, but I still think the best chance of accumulating snow will be over Northwest Alabama.

Watch the Weather Xtreme video, and you can see the banding effect should set up in the general area from Columbus and Tupelo to Hamilton and to Moulton and Athens. This is where heavy, wet snow could develop, producing possible 3 inch amounts on grassy areas. There is usually a small strip with heavier amounts, and no human knows exactly where that will happen this morning. We will just have to wait and watch. I would say the counties with the best chance of 1 to 3 inches on grassy areas today will be Pickens, Lamar, Fayette, Winston, Marion, Lawrence, Franklin, Colbert, and Limestone.

For the I-59 corridor, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and Gadsden, there could be enough snow for a dusting in grassy areas later today.

IMPORTANT POINTS: As we have said all week, the ground is warm, and surface temperatures are not expected to drop below freezing, so there should be no travel problems. Even up in Northwest Alabama, where 1 to 3 inches of snow is possible on grassy areas, the roads should be simply wet. This will not be an event that will disrupt everything. And, where the snow accumulates on the grass, it won’t last long; a strong December sun tomorrow will melt it all away.

And, the most important point is that we have little skill in forecasting an event like this, so all of this could change as the day progresses.

The sky will clear quickly tonight, and sunshine returns tomorrow with a high in the 47 to 51 degree range.

WEEKEND AND BEYOND: Cool and dry weather is the story for the weekend with highs in the 50s on Saturday, then approaching 60 on Sunday. Early next week, there could be enough moisture for a few isolated showers Monday and Tuesday, with a slightly better chance of showers Wednesday as a stalled front just north of here drifts southward. A ridge nosing into Alabama from the Gulf will prevent any cold air from reaching us next week.

In fact, the weather for the latter half of December will be relatively mild as the coldest air will settle into the western U.S. Hopes for a White Christmas in Alabama look very very small this year, as usual. See the Weather Xtreme video for more.

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We will have frequent updates today… so stay tuned. The next Weather Xtreme video will be posted here by 3:30 this afternoon.


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  1. bill says:

    BHAM=no snow

  2. ray says:

    OK let all the panic and frenzy begin with people on the blog, the streets, work, school whatever. People the folks at 33/40 will be very busy today monitoring the weather for us. Please refrain from asking the silly questions of when it will snow, how much, do I need to buy milk and bread. Will I have to go to work or school? You are only embarrasing yourself.

  3. Sue says:

    1.75″ of rain overnight through 5am at Vernon. Cold northerly wind this morning. Forecast from cat – hibernate.

  4. Jeri says:

    Well heck Ray you just zapped the fun of being excited about s n o w. NOT! The fun part about “it might” snow is talking about it. I’m a old lady and any mention of snow brings back great memories of past Alabama snows! And this old bird will be thrilled to death to just see a couple of snow flakes :))))

  5. Rory In Atlanta says:

    Thundersnow reported in Baton Rouge….2 inches of snow on the ground in Beaumont TX….snowing now in McComb MS.

  6. 35.7° with rain falling here in Cookeville, TN. Expecting cold rain all day with changeover late this afternoon into the evening with around 1″ expected. Hope you all in ALABAMA get more than us! 🙂

  7. southernbelle says:

    Hey Sue!
    I’m in Vernon, also. Want to meet later to build a snowman?

  8. jenbo3 says:

    Pouring rain with a vivid thunderstorm in progress in Tuscaloosa!

  9. Sciross says:

    Geez Ray, I’m an old lady too and it’s the hot topic at work today, when it will start, how much we will get and will we go home early and put the chili on. The fun is discussing it here too. We all know we probably won’t see anything but a few flurries but hope springs eternal for a beautiful fluffy snow for the kids to play in and sitting toasty inside by the fire just once every 10 years. Have a great day!

  10. Sue says:

    southernbelle, if it snows in Vernon, I think there might be dancing in the streets! It’s been a long time since the snow of Dec. 1963/January 1964! Safe day everyone!

  11. Snowfreak says:

    Need to know. What time will the snow be in Gardendale? Will we get the 5 inches? I’m going to dig out my kerosene heater just to be safe.

  12. southernbelle says:

    Sue, right now, with the rain and thunder we have occurring, I may be flooded in here and not able to get to town!

  13. Andy says:

    Where the heck is Gardendale? Never heard of it.

  14. Dorothy says:

    I hope it does snow, even a little and I would be happy! How I miss the Chicago snow storms, they we so beautiful!

  15. Sciross says:

    Raining like crazy here in Trussville, every time you think it can’t rain any harder it does. This is some rain!! If all this rain was snow, oh boy, get out the shovels! I was going to dash out and get the newspaper but not with this, an umbrella would be useless. Hope everyone safe in traffic, with it raining this hard, it will be difficult to see on the roads.

  16. Cooper says:

    With the steady rain falling in Pelham, I cant help but think if it were just colder what a fun day this would be for my children. Maybe we will get just enough for them to have a little bit of fun. Probably not–but we can hope.

  17. mark says:

    so no snow for shelby co, or calera then.right ?

  18. Andy says:

    No, Mark.

  19. Chad says:

    Hey everyone I am in Baton Rouge this week….Just woke up and looked out at an inch and half of Snow!!!!!

  20. Suzie in Argo says:

    My weather rock is soaking wet, it has rained most of the night. It’s been wonderful! I love rain like this.

  21. Lynn says:

    Hum. Snow in Baton Rouge? Could Cantore have possibly been right? (just asking for opinions)

  22. Jeri says:

    Okay, made into work. If folks in Jefferson County don’t slow down and for pity sakes put your head lights on, going to be some major wrecks!! I was going thru Warrior at 6:30 am, Warrior streets in downtown,lol, are awful when it rains, they do not drain off. Anyway I’m going about 20 lights are on because (1) its dark (2) its rainning..roads are full of water, all of a sudden I see an object coming at me…Dern woman flying thru lights on!!!! OMG!! SLOW DOWNand TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON..the life you save may be mine!

  23. J Neely says:

    jeri….that woman was me!!!! I am so so sorry…I had just switched cars with my husband and just simply forgot to turn on the lights….I AM SO SORRY!….my husband was behind me and called me right away to remind me to turn them on…sorry!

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