Oxford Damage

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Thanks to a number of viewers for these images of damage in Oxford, which occurred around 5:15… seems like it was a small tornado based on reports from readers…

And… a couple of eyewitness reports:

“Jim Walter Homes 201 Hwy 78 E Oxford had the sign blew out – shingles off the roof of both buildings – both the front and back of the houses
We are 1 blk E of Hwy 78 and Hwy 21 (Quintard Mall intersection).

Power Lines down one block east of us on hwy 78 and the line was burning on the ground.

The rain and wind hit very fast w/o warning – and was coming across our parking lot horizonally – totally side ways.”

“I am interested to find out more info on a storm that came thru Oxford about 5pm. We had just went to Sunny King Toyota and picked up my husbands BRAND NEW SHINEY TUNDRA with all the bells & whistles. The clouds looked quite ominous on the ride home. We were stopped at a traffic light at 78 & Barry St and I was watching a particularly low deep gray cloud over I-20. No rain or lightning but some wind. When the light changed we drove about a half block when all of a sudden we could only see swirling debris & signs flying. We were pummeled by gravel or something similar. We could see nothing…. not even the road. Our windshield is cracked in about 6-7 spots and the entire truck has chunks out of the paint all the way down to the metal.
As heartbreaking as it is for my husband, I am thankful that we were safe. (though I felt far from it as the time)
Please let me know if you get any confirmations of what went thru.”


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  1. taylor says:

    is oxford high school okay?

  2. Ashley says:

    There was a lady on the tv that said she was from Oxford and that there was no damage to the school.

  3. taylor says:


  4. taylor says:

    Did the mall get messed up bad???

  5. daniel says:

    School is fine as the mall some light damage but not sig audioxtreme and cheveron the worst I saw several tree down as well near the nursing home pines and at least 3 large pecan trees uprooted near the Sonic Ace hardware via iphone

  6. John Talbot says:

    For those of you that don’t, PLEASE use some punctuation in what you type. Its harder to read & understand when you have everything run together.

  7. Daniel says:

    well if I had a keyboard to type on when the power was out after a possible tornado struck it might be different. I was using an iphone trying to give updates (not the easiest thing to do on an i-phone)……THAT OKAY or do I need another/better excuse????? Yes this skywatcher DanielinOxford sorry you couldn’t read/understand under the circumstances.

  8. DanielinOxford says:

    Not to mention on the phone with the NWS for a good 20 minutes relaying “actually” what was going on and what I was seeing……I heard over the radio/tv/internet just flat out false reports and was in constant contact with the NWS trying to set the record straight. Yes we had some damage but some blew it out of proportion big time leading to false TV reports…..more irked about that than anything. Why someone feels the urge to over-hype a situation is beyond me but…..I’ll stop there……

  9. Sherrie says:

    There are 3 trailers damaged in DUKES Trailer Park ot 1831 US HWY78 E in Oxford across from the Nissan car lot. The roof blew off of one, Part of a porch roof of one flew off and knocked a big window out of another 3 trailer near-by.

  10. Whit says:

    Daniel, why don’t you take a look at the above pictures and ask yourself again if this was over-hyped.

  11. Alex (bam) says:

    hey has anybody heard anything about the Books-a-million in oxford..did it get damaged with the mall?

  12. Daniel says:

    Whit I live less than a half mile from where the damage begin also chased the storm seen the damage FIRST hand yes any damage is bad but not significant/major it is spread out an isolated much like u would see in a downburst not a path of destruction I promise the overhype is basically due to those who appeared to make it sound worse than what ACTUALLY taken place

  13. Daniel says:

    Alex books a million has a piece of stucko about 4×8 piece missing on the top front of the building and bet u the mall will be open as usual

  14. John Talbot says:

    First thing. Don’t speak for me.
    Second. I wasn’t trying to be a butt. There are times during svr wx outbreaks when I am reading over the comments looking for damage, urgent or emergency messages to relay back to 3340 wx team . They get real busy & don’t have time to be able to look over all of them in the heat of things. So, yes it is harder to read over or glimpse over messages that do not have any punctuation and everything is run together & I or they are trying to make quick since of it in a hurry to get the report out to everyone else that may be effected by it.

  15. Chris says:

    I work at Food Max in Oxford, which is in the same shopping center as Books-A-Million. We did not suffer any severe damage and reopened around 9 PM once power was restored and we were sure the building was safe. Around 4:45, the power went out, and less than a second later, there was a loud noise that sounded as if something was being dragged across the roof of the building. Books-A-Million has some more extensive damage and will not be open Wednesday. Part of their sign is missing from the front of the building, and their appears to be tile damage inside the store.

  16. Bill says:

    Well I am glad to see that there is an english teacher on the blog that who can teach us all to type and punctuate, rather than be concerned with someone’s safety and life involved in a tornado. What a jerk!!!!!!

  17. bucky says:

    the picture of the mobile home was my step-daughter. everyone was ok but their home is distroyed.please keep them in your prayers.

  18. Laura says:

    My daughters, baby and I had just left Oxford Library, and was sitting by the Jim Walters place. I seen a transformer blow and thought it was lightning, but when I turned onto 78 I felt the wind blowing my car and saw the debris flying horizontally and knew I had driven directly into a tornado. It was quite terrifying. We pulled off pretty quickly into a motel parking lot, we were all praying and crying and I began honking the horn hoping someone would open a door at the hotel so we could go in. A lady opened her door and they let us wait it out with them, very kind family. Thank the Lord it wasn’t strong enough to pick up a car, but it was strong enough to shake us up for a few days.

  19. Lori says:

    Mr. Talbot, I didn’t realize the 33/40 team hired someone to relay messages from the blog. With all due respect, I didn’t know proper punctuation was a requirement for weather reports! I’ve never seen it an issue on the BMX, spotter’s and Skywatchers chat or even when I turn in reports at the NWS. The mets know that some of the texts are coming from phones, laptops and other wireless instruments. As long as the svr event is being reported, proper English isn’t an issue. Someone experienced in reading and taking reports should be able to read adrenaline charged and hurried reports. A life could be in danger and time wasted while someone tries to find the comma on their cellphone. IMHO!

    Did anyone notice (at least it was this way in Shelby Co) the lack of lightning with these storms??

  20. LJ says:

    Public Information Statement

    NOUS44 KBMX 071746

    1045 AM CST WED JAN 7 2009




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