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Comments in James’ forecast post below have created confusion about schools and potential severe weather tomorrow. The Jefferson County Board of Education says that these rumors are false. There is no talk of closing early tomorrow as of right now for Jefferson County Schools, or any other district in Alabama.

We have official school closings posted when they are formally announced by superintendents on There are no formal announcements as of right now. No schools are closing early as of now.


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  1. Scott says:

    Thanks Jason! I think this must be a bunch of school kids trying to pass false information around.

  2. Acid Reign says:

    …..Yeah. The schools aren’t going to announce a school closing in a blog comment box! Neither will the news team…

  3. qwerty says:

    if the weather is supposed to be bad..why have the guys only posted once today ..just wondering

  4. plrtt says:

    can someone give us the latest on the weather situation?

  5. Bob says:

    New information comes in all through the afternoon. So they will post when they get through with everything they have to sift through. Looking on the NWS website… NWS Bham has the area on a “Level 3” (on scale of 1-5) on their Hazardous Weather outlook for tornadic storms. That was as of 1:37 PM. Slight risk still from the NSSL (I think they are the ones that put that out), could be upgraded looking at their percentage but I’m not for sure. That’s all the latest i’ve seen for those wondering.

  6. Clay at MTWC Nashville says:

    It would be funny if the kids were tricking the school systems!

  7. Josh says:

    As much “publicity” as the weather gets, is anyone suprised! The networks have to sell ads to make it, people have to be told “stay tuned for severe weather info.” The weather nowadays is way overhyped.

  8. Clint says:

    I agree with Josh about weather being overhyped, but I sitll love it. As for schools. It is better safe than sorry.

  9. Josh in Tuscaloosa says:

    To the other Josh: The networks show ads for the weather because they know that’s the main reason a lot of people actually watch the local news. A quality weather segment improves overall viewership.

    Those “stay tuned for the weather” blurbs are teasers, not really advertisements. The teasers are there to inform people the portion of the broadcast they want to see (the weather) is coming up after the string of commercials. The goal is to get the viewers to stay tuned through the commercials instead of flipping the channel when the commercials begin.

  10. George T. says:

    agree with Josh about weather being overhyped,…

    That’s the understatement of the year. james almost ruined the crawfishbowl last week with his chicken little the sky is falling forecasts.

    By the way….I see clouds ouside…better close the schools. Little johnny might get his new Nikes wet.

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