Tupelo Tornado Damage

| May 8, 2008 @ 10:21 am | 18 Replies

Thanks to Jessica Huckaby for this image… she writes:

“Tupelo Furniture Market pic. Not sure which building.”

Tupelo Damage Pics


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James Spann is one of the most recognized and trusted television meteorologists in the industry. He holds the AMS CCM designation and television seals from the AMS and NWA. He is a past winner of the Broadcast Meteorologist of the Year from both professional organizations.

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  1. Harpersville says:

    Oh WOW

  2. Stef says:

    Winfield City Schools out at 10:30

  3. fresh powder says:

    Where is that storm now that caused this damage?

  4. Bruce says:

    Its in extreme north Alabama, Lauderdale county, about to move into TN. It has weakened to almost nothing.

  5. Dewdrop says:

    Wow. That is pretty significant damage.

  6. Heather H says:

    Walker county schools close at 10:30

  7. fresh powder says:

    It’s definitely going to be a couple of hours before anything gets bad in central Alabama… Plenty of time to dismiss schools…

  8. Anna says:

    Sunny in my part of Cullman County

  9. Dewdrop says:

    Storm chaser Mike Wilhelm is in Florence, AL, awaiting the squall that approaches. Looks like an hour out on that line. It was just tornado warned. New Albany, MS.

  10. teresa says:

    lamar co. schools are letting out 10:45

  11. Beth in Saks says:

    Funny how the building loks liek that but all the bushes out front of it are fine. Praying everyone stays safe.

  12. Nathan in Tupelo says:

    That damage was on the southernmost group of the furniture markets on the corner of Coley and Chesterville Roads. It ran through there at about 8:05. It’s about 1/4 mile from where I work so as a result of being late I got to see the tornado. It looked to be very wide, not your typical long vortex shape.

  13. Bobby Tinney says:

    Hey guys just a thought here I have been watching a torm try to form down near Choctaw County and it appears it may get itself together at some point. I know the primary threat is more up this way so to speak but anything that forms down there is moving toward this more unstable air and bears watching. Also a tornado warning goes until 1230 pm CDT for Lauderdale County.

  14. justin bartlett says:

    I’m at East Union and we have been in the halls all day ! Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. justin bartlett says:

    I’m at East Union and we have been in the halls all day ! Is that boring or what just let us go home already!!!!!!

  16. vail1 says:

    it hit the tupelo furniture market, mississippi building.

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