Our Morning Snow Showers

| December 1, 2008 @ 10:18 am | 6 Replies

Radar shortly after 10 this morning indicated that most of the snow showers and flurries over North Alabama were in progress generally along and north of Winston, Cullman, Marshall and Dekalb County northward into Tennessee.

Here is a review of what has happened so far today so all of these reports are not current at this moment. (For example, there could have been some melting or additional accumulations)

* HACKLEBURG in North Marion County…1/4 to 1/2 inch accumulation mainly on grass, leaves, tree limbs, etc. About one inch was on cars, mailboxes, shrubbery, etc.

* HALEYVILLE, in NW Winston County…roads beginning to get snow covered as of 9:44 am.

* HODGES in Franklin County…ground completely covered.

* HOLLY POND in East Cullman County…Yards and roofs white (see 33/40 blog photograph)

* MENTONE, Dekalb County, about 1/2 inch accumulation (See two “winter wonderland” type scenes on 3340 blog)

* SYLVANIA, Dekalb County…heavy dusting but no accumulation (this was 7 am report)

* ALBERTVILLE…Slushy snow, rooftops, cars, grassy areas, covered, hower roads only wet

* ALBERTVILLE…(different report) moderate snow covered the ground on Sand Mountain around 5:45 am, then tapered off to flurries.

Some nice winter landscape pictures over Extreme North Alabama this morning but no serious travel problems. Be sure and scroll down from this story to see some nice snow pictures + other reports.

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