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When we initiated the ABC 33/40 Weather Blog on November 17, 2004, we were hoping to develop a community of those who have a passion for weather. That has happened, and our “blog family” has grown to incredible numbers over the last two and a half years.

With over 50,000 unique users on big weather days like yesterday, a few knuckleheads are bound to show up… and we even welcome them, unless their attacks become personal, or if they begin to use profanity. The event yesterday actually was in line with our thinking here; you can read Friday morning’s discussion here. The SPC outlook was also pretty good. Severe weather and winter storm threats always bring out the hate mail crowd for some reason. I sure wish I had that much time on my hands.

INTO THE STORM: When it became apparent that the storms in South Alabama would cut off our severe weather risk, Brian Peters and I headed south in Storm Chaser 33/40. I can’t recall the last time I actually had the opportunity to get out in the field during a severe weather threat. It was a great opportunity since the action was south of our DMA (in the Montgomery market).

With complete Internet/radar access in the Storm Chaser van, along with amateur radio communication gear, we had lots of data to help us pick our spot, and we decided the small community of Highland Home was it. We headed south on I-65, through Montgomery, and then took Alabama 97 over to Highland Home, which is along U.S. 331.

A tornado warning was issued for Montgomery County for a circulation that was coming right at us. I mean we would not have picked a better spot. We noted broad rotation at our location, but no wall cloud or tornado. There was some minor wind damage just up the road, but nothing serious, thankfully.

On the way back we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a stop at Jim’s Pit BBQ near Billingsley, which is northwest of Montgomery on U.S. 82 in Autauga County. Here are some shots taken along the ride…

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