The Morning Chill

| May 17, 2007 @ 9:07 am | 1 Reply

How can you not like this morning in Alabama?

The transient smoke is gone (from Georgia/Florida wildfires)

Sky is blue, although I like it better when there are scattered clouds. I love the different type of clouds. Have been looking up at the sky since 30 minutes after being born.

Humidity is very low.

The thermometer is treating us with courtesy today. Quite a change overnight. A selection of morning lows:

39 Fort Payne Airport
43 Crossville
44 Cottondale
45 Meridianville
46 Black Creek, Desoto State Park, Cullman Airport, Pinson
47 Muscadine, Bankhead National Forest, Decatur
48 Gadsden
50 Alabaster (Navajo Pines) Birmingham Airport, Anniston, Huntsville
52 Tuscaloosa Albertville

This is one of those morning when I sometimes take my fresh coffee and the Birmingham News to a gazebo in the cul-de-sac in front of Molly’s house and totally relax.

Tis good for the soul, heart, mind, nerves. Thankfully, I have never been bothered by nerves or anxiety but that would be an instant cure. Somewhat like eating a Prozac sandwich.

Tis good for the appetite, too.

Malnutrition has set in…

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