Why Is The Eye Of A Tropical Cyclone So Interesting?

| January 8, 2019 @ 2:30 pm


DISCUSSION: When it comes to studying tropical cyclones, there is no debate that there are several very interesting features which to mind with some of the more intense tropical cyclones which come into existence. For example, within the heart of any intense tropical cyclone is the eye of a tropical cyclone. Within the confines of the eye of a tropical cyclone there can sometimes be a series of events which unfold in such a way that there can be smaller-scale features known as misovortices which form within the center and outer portions of the eye. Most often, such microscale features can form within an eye of an intense tropical cyclone due to rapid changes in intensity which occur within the core of an intensifying tropical cyclone.

As shown in the graphic and animated Twitter graphic below (courtesy of the NOAA Satellites Twitter account), you can clearly see one such example of this as found in association with Super Typhoon Jebi back on 31 August 2018. Note how within the eye of Super Typhoon Jebi you can clearly see the presence of what appears to be a four-pointed star cloud “dancing” around the center of Super Typhoon Jebi. Such small and interesting patterned clouds form within the eye of an intense tropical cyclone as a result of incredibly small-scale wind fluctuations and minor pressure fluctuations within the center of an intense tropical cyclone. As impressive as such gorgeous misovortices are, the presence of such cloud features within the heart of a tropical cyclone are a direct indication of an incredibly intense tropical cyclone being in place and/or quickly developing when such features are present.

Thus, despite the natural majesty and beauty associated with such features within intense tropical cyclones, the underlining message here is the fact that it is imperative to always respect the natural power of such storms. Moreover, in such situations when an intense tropical cyclone is developing such features, it is essential to respect and heed the advice of local emergency officials if such a storm is heading or is expected to head in your direction.

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