SPC Mesoscale Discussion: Severe Potential… Watch Possible

| July 14, 2019 @ 12:24 pm

SUMMARY…A narrow corridor of localized wind damage or a brief/weak tornado exists from far eastern Mississippi toward the Alabama border.

DISCUSSION…A warm, moist and relatively unstable air mass current resides east of the larger scale precipitation shield affecting most of MS. Lightning activity has increased with storms along the eastern fringe of the precipitation area, with access to the warmer air. Wind profiles are relatively weak this far east compared to farther west closer to Barry, but 0-1 SRH is near 100 m2/s2 near the MS/AL border, and the air mass is very moist with mid 70s F dewpoints. Further, storm motions will nearly parallel the line orientation, increasing the possibility of rotating storms. Trends will continue to be monitored for increasing storm strength and coverage.


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