Moist Air Hangs Over The Deep South

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SUN AND STORMS: With a weaker ridge aloft, expect no major change in the weather today. Sunshine this morning, followed by showers and storms in scattered to numerous spots this afternoon and early tonight. We actually have a little rain on radar this morning over North Alabama’s Winston, Lawrence, and Limestone Counties as I write this, and usually when you see showers at 5:00 a.m., you can bet there will be plenty out there at 3:00 p.m. The chance of any one spot getting wet today is about four in ten, and like yesterday the storms won’t be moving much, so heavy rain will be a problems with the stronger storms. The high today will be at or just over 90 for most locations.

We will mention scattered showers and storms tomorrow afternoon, but I get the idea they will be fewer in number as the air aloft becomes warmer, and afternoon highs will inch up a degree or two.

FRIDAY AND THE WEEKEND: The ridge will be stronger, meaning highs back in the the mid 90s, and the afternoon showers and thunderstorms will be more widely scattered. Sure looks like this weekend will be very much like last weekend.

NEXT WEEK AND BEYOND: Still nothing to see any serious deviation from the usual summer routine for the latter half of June. Sure, we will have day to day changes in heat levels and the coverage of afternoon showers and storms, but all of that will be driven by very small details we can’t identify far in advance.

TROPICS: Convection has actually increased in the wave east of the Lesser Antilles in the Atlantic, but upper air winds don’t favor any development in that region for now. And, convection has diminished over the Southwest Gulf of Mexico. See the Weather Xtreme video for more details.

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I will be doing a safety program today at Alabama Power’s Gaston Steam Plant down in Wilsonville… look for the next Weather Xtreme video here by 3:30 or so. Enjoy the day!

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