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Already out on a half-mile walk around the walking track this morning, well before sunrise. I enjoyed it even in my short-sleeved shirt. It was 39 degrees. Just me and a little 8-pound puppy and three birds

Immediately out the door a bird with a deep base voice objected. He was hidden deep into a huge Bradford Pear tree in the corner of our back yard that still has all of its deep green leaves.

I am convinced now that birds do a lot of networking. I believe they warn each other about intruders (translation: humans and dogs) In tree number two, another bird objected that we were passing through. Same with a third bird in tree number three. Wonder why they are so concerned? Do they think Molly is going to climb their tree and get them?

No other sign of life. The teen-age squirrels were probably still asleep deep in the thick hedge-row.

There is widespread frost, light to moderate, but entirely on roof tops. I did not see any in the grassy areas. It was 39 here, 40 at Birmingham Airport but it was a below freezing 30 in Haleyville and 36 at Tuscaloosa. I feel sure it was about 34 or 35 in Pinson.

Only two trees in our entire neighborhood have come through with great autumn color. Even the Old Crow Motel did a brownout. Took several drives this week across Deerfoot Parkway crossing two ridges and two valleys. Color was very disappointing. I always take a drive through Washington Valley which is a beautiful drive anytime. Going north on US 11 north of Springville there is a left turn up a slight rise and it opens into a beautiful curved drive across a broad valley between two ridges, featuring trees, creeks, horse farms, you name it.

Mike Wilhelm of Huntsville, a 33/40 Skywatcher and excellent storm-chaser and I plan a long trip Sunday in search of color. Mike says the color is good in North Alabama. We plan to tour Desoto and Guntersville State Parks and Bucks Pocket. If time permits, I hope we can take one of my very favorite drives which is up the remote and narrow Paint Rock River Valley.

We will share our findings later and I am sure Mike will post some photographs.

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