Alabama Snow Reports (Long List)

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NOTE: This is a long list and I feel sure I overlooked some but it was 100% not intentional. Also, a lot of these reports were turned in before the snow ended. We also get more than one report from a number of communities. Anyway, let my little tired fingers get at it on this keyboard. We all know that these numbers represent inches, so I won’t repeat inches every time. Many of the reports are from the 33/40 army of skywatchers.

3.5 inches Sumiton
3 Smith Lake, Cullman County side
4.5 between Pinson and Tarrant
2 Coaling, Tuscaloosa County
4.5 Jasper next to Corridor “X”
3 Bradford-Pinson area
2.5 Mt. Cheaha
1 along the Jefferson/Shelby line
1 Sylacauga (wish U could have heard ABC News, New York pronounce that once after I pronounced it on the phone for them at least 10 times)
2 Alabaster near Meadow View School
2+ Calera
4 north of Samantha, Tuscaloosa County
3 NE edge of Jasper
2 Mount Olive
3+ North Warrior along the Jefferson/Blount County line
5 Hamilton 200 yards north of US 278
2 to 3 Brooke Highland, North Shelby
1 Killen, Lauderdale County
2 SW of Phil Campbell, Franklin County
2 east of Moulton
1 Harvest, Madison County
1 Madison
1.5 Harvest (remember, we get more than one report from some places)
1 Downtown Cullman
2 six miles west of Moulton in the Mt. Hope community
3 SW of Phil Campbell
1 Guntersville and countywide in Marshall County
1 Athens and countywide in Limestone County
2 Moulton with numerous wrecks reported
2 Morgan City
3.2 six miles east of Moulton
2 Rogersville
2 Greystone Cove, North Shelby (from James Spann)
1.2 Fort Payne
3 five miles west of Decatur
2 Clay/Pinson (Womack Road)
2.5 Clay, Deerfoot
4 Millport, SW Lamar County
2.5 Moundville (I know where that is!)
2 Cullman EMA Office
1 Birmingham Airport
3/4 NE Trussville (Molly’s front yard)
3.5 Center Point
1.3 another part of NE Trussville
1.5 Lookout Mountain near Collinsville (see note below)

* Vic Bell, the 33/40 Skywatcher for Lookout Mountain near Collinsville sends along this amazing stat and a correction. “17 inches of snow in the last two months and 23.5 inches the last 12 months beginning with February 12, 2010. CORRECTION: This was at his previous location (Scrougeout) which is four miles from his present location!”

Now I face a crucial decision. A super powerful two hour nap or my 5th cup of coffee? The coffee wins by two touchdowns! As James says, “Who needs sleep?”

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