Wall Cloud Video from Calera

| March 27, 2011 @ 12:34 pm | 10 Replies

We had a series of powerful supercells yesterday, and there are a few strong and severe storms still ongoing over southeastern Alabama this afternoon with a threat of hail and gusty winds.

Yesterday’s storms did not produce large, violent tornadoes, but our skywatcher John Brown managed to capture this time lapse of the wall cloud that came right over downtown Calera. John is a trained storm spotter, and this kind of thing is best left to people like him who have some training. Interested in getting trained? We do StormAlert Xtreme every November, so check in with us then and we will have all the details!

No tornado actually occurred with this storm, but it is a great example of why it is so good to have eyes on storms. Radar doesn’t show us everything!

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