Severe Weather Threat Again by Friday

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For the last few days, the severe weather threat has looked fairly marginal for Friday. There’s a good reason why we said “from our vantage point today,” though. It often takes very slight differences for the real atmosphere to far out-do what the computer-simulated atmosphere tries to show several days out. Weather forecasting is just like studying and analyzing anything in life: the closer you can inspect it, the better the forecast will be. Having said that, confidence is growing that a significant severe weather threat will materialize in the southern United States on Friday. At this moment, the greatest threat of severe storms seems to be in an area covering much of Mississippi and the western half of Alabama:

Day Three Severe Weather Outlook

The “probabalistic” outlook shows the picture of where the highest severe weather threat should be through the day on Friday:

SPC Probabalistic Outlook (Higher % Values Mean a Greater Severe Weather Threat)

If the model trends continue, the “look” to the data will get more impressive today and tomorrow. Friday could “one of those days” for the South, but we still have some time to look at it, study it, and nail it down before the storms develop.

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