Hackleburg April 27, 2011 EF-5

| January 28, 2012 @ 10:40 am

We have seen few images of this large, killer tornado. But, Rachel Hillis has uncovered some new ones. See her note, and the images below….

“Hi James…
My name is Rachel Hillis and I live in Florence. I’ve traveled through Hackleburg going to see family in Winfield for many years. I saw Phil Campbell immediately after the tornado, but had not seen Hackleburg until the summer. It was truly shocking as there were no landmarks. I was nearly through town before I realized that I was…through town. My customer in Hackleburg is the Panthermart Shell station. It has always been a gathering place, but more so since the storm. The people in Hackleburg are so kind and so resilient. I have heard many accounts of April 27th. Some of the gentleman started talking about that day. I commented that I had not seen any photos of the Hackleburg storm and Mr Ronald Elrod brought out his cell phone. He lives south of town and had an amazing picture series of the storm. I asked him if it was ok to send to you and he seemed particularly thrilled about that…”




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