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| July 1, 2015 @ 9:22 pm

Again, I apologize to all of you who have not been able to access weather data from the James Spann 24/7 app over the past 48 hours. Here is the situation….

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*Unfortunately, the James Spann 24/7 app is going away. Functionality will not return.

*The developer was sold, and they opted not to support the app, and to take it offline yesterday. Nothing we can do.

*On the positive side, we have decided to roll out one new app for ABC 33/40. No more separate apps for James Spann, weather, news, and sports… just one very clean app. All of the content that was available on old James Spann 24/7 app, and the old ABC 33/40 weather app, will be there. It has been submitted to Apple and Google for their app stores, and we are just waiting for approval.

I do believe this will make it easier for all of us, but we are so sorry James Spann 24/7 went offline before the new one hits the app stores.

FOR NOW: This is how to get all of the various products that are on the old James Spann 24/7 app…

WEATHER BLOG: If you are reading this, then you are on the blog. I post two detailed meteorological discussions daily here, and during active weather the blog is updated very frequently. Our posts are written by meteorologists that understand Alabama weather, and the needs of the people that live here. We work long hours keeping this updated.

SEVEN DAY FORECAST: Our seven day is available on the blog anytime here.

WEATHER XTREME VIDEO: This twice daily video is embedded in the blog discussions I write. You can also see the video via YouTube here. And, we also offer this video as a video podcast… just search for Weather Xtreme video in your favorite podcast app. Here is a link to the iTunes version.

WEATHERBRAINS: Our weekly show all about weather has a video and an audio version. For the audio podcast, just search for “Weatherbrains” in your favorite podcast app; here is a link to the audio files from our provider, Libsyn. For the video version, here is the YouTube link.

And, for show notes and more details on the show, just see the Weatherbrains web site. We produce the show most weeks Monday night at 8:30 CT… here is a link to the live stream and chat room. You can also watch it on our digital weather channel, “James Spann 24/7” on cable systems around the state.

SUMBIT PICTURES/VIDEO: One of the great parts of the app was the ability to do this easily. You can send pictures or video to me anytime via email directly.

SOCIAL MEDIA: You can find me on all of the major social networks here… you can always submit pictures, ask questions, or share comments on any of these platforms.

Google Plus

I will let you know the minute the new app is available. And again, thank you for your patience!


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