The Crucial Value of Respecting and Preparing for the Power of Storm Surge

| October 11, 2018 @ 2:30 pm

DISCUSSION: It goes without saying that even in the weeks since the coastal, semi-coastal, and further inland areas of North Carolina and South Carolina felt the full force of Hurricane Florence, there are still many lessons to be learned. Another major lesson which is crucial to take away from the impacts as well as the aftermath of Hurricane Florence were the storm surge impacts. Attached above is both a neat video courtesy of Meteorologist Erika Navarro from The Weather Channel as well as a short video briefing wherein there are some personal thoughts discussed (courtesy of Meteorologist Jordan Rabinowitz) on the dangers of storm surge. Furthermore, there is also a discussion on how and why it is so important to respect the power of storm surge as well as flooding in both current and future storms.

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