An Update On J.B. Elliott

| June 14, 2011 @ 3:34 pm | 81 Replies

Most of you know the situation with our colleague J.B. Elliott; his dog “Little Miss Molly” was attacked and killed by another dog yesterday, and he was injured in the process. J.B. was treated at Medical Center East last night and released. This is from his son Steve…

“He has a nasty bruise on his forehead where he fell on his face and hit a rock. His arm is torn up from the fall, his left knee is hurting pretty bad and it’s dealing him fits moving around. He is also hurting in his ribs when he takes a deep breath. CT of his head was good, they X-rayed chest, arm, and knee and all looked good. We got him home around midnight last night”

And, this note is from his daughter Debbie…

“I’m sending you this picture of dad if you want to post it on the blog. Dad gave his permission. I thought it would show everyone that he is ok physically. Emotionally, not so much. He has been trying not to think about it. I appreciate what you did on weather brains last night. That meant a lot to me personally. And I appreciate the friendship you have with dad. I also want to thank everyone who has emailed or posted messages.”

You can send a note to J.B… his email address is


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