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Ryan Stinnett

Ryan Stinnett

Montgomery Television Meteorologist and long time Contributor on AlabamaWX. Stormchaser. I did not choose Weather, it chose Me. College Football Fanatic. @Ryan_Stinnet

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Sunny, but Hot

| 2:59 pm August 1, 2015

We continue to see ample sunshine and nearly clouds free conditions because of the drier air that remains in place across the state.

8-1-2015 2-32-49 PM

This afternoon we are seeing lots of 90s on the maps across the state. Dew points this afternoon are in the lower 60s which is making the heat much more tolerable.

8-1-2015 2-29-26 PM

Radars across the state are clear, and though the chance for rain is not zero, I think most locations will be staying dry today, except for portions of Southeast Alabama.

8-1-2015 2-33-17 PM

FOR TONIGHT: A clear and pleasant night is ahead. After seeing those highs in the 90s today, once the sun sets, the temps will be heading down quickly because of the dry air. We are once again, expecting that hint of fall by tomorrow morning as most locations across Central Alabama will see lows in the 60s as we look at forecast model output below.

8-1-2015 2-54-18 PM

SUNNY SUNDAY: It will be a rinse and repeat kind of forecast the next few days. Tomorrow will feature an abundance of sunshine, and after starting the day in the 60s, we are forecasting highs to once again return to the mid-90s for many spots across Central Alabama. This dry spell shows how efficiently the dry air heats up and cools off, by the wide diurnal temperature range we are seeing each day.

Another Hot & Humid Day

| 6:01 am July 28, 2015

James is in St. Louis on this Tuesday, so we will operate with an abbreviated video schedule today. Just one Weather Xtreme video today. We will return to regular schedule tomorrow when James gets back.

FOR YOUR TUESDAY: It will be very similar to Monday across the state. Highs today will climb well into the 90s and there will be a mix of sun and clouds. As we saw yesterday, a weak moisture axis along the Intestate 20 corridor allowed shower and storms to develop and they produced heavy rainfall across the Birmingham Metro. The Birmingham Airport received 1.26″ of rain yesterday, while other portions of the Metro area stayed dry. The moisture axis shifts a little farther south today, so the main convection is expected to be between the Intestate 20 and Interstate 85 corridors. These storms will be only heat relief today, so if you see the rain, consider yourself lucky.

TODAY’S SEVERE WEATHER OUTLOOK: Our friends at the SPC have issued a “slight” risk of severe storms today across the Upper Midwest, which is surrounded by the standard “marginal” risk that includes the rest of the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes, and Central Plains. There is also a “marginal” risk for much of New England. The main threat will come from damaging winds, and hail but a few tornadoes may be possible with the storms in the Midwest. For Alabama, we are highlighted in a general thunderstorm outlook, which is what we expect most days this time of year.

7-27-2015 7-39-40 PM

TOPIC TROPICS: We are still watching a a broad area of low pressure along the west coast of Florida just north of Tampa. We know from history, that the longer an area of low pressure sits somewhere, the better the chances of it developing. However, the NHC is not expecting any tropical cyclone development over the next 48 hours. Of course, we will be watching to see if this by chance becomes Danny later this week, but as of now, the NHC is not overly concerned. This feature and the associated unsettled weather are making for rather wet weather across much of the Florida Peninsula this week…Stay tuned!!!

AT THE BEACH: For today, expect fantastic beach weather to continue. It will be another hot day with afternoon highs climbing into the lower 90s, but just a few miles inland, highs will climb into the mid and upper 90s. Rain chances will remain rather low today, but an isolated storm or two will be possible, but most of the beaches will stay dry today. After today, the weather will begin to change some as rain chance will be increasing some and those isolated storms become more numerous and scattered. See the complete Gulf Coast 7 Day Planner here . The Gulf Coast Beach Forecast is presented by Gulf Shores Plantation by Mandoki Hospitality Vacation Rentals. Escape to Gulf Shores Plantation where memories last a lifetime.

WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY: Rain chance will be in the way up for the second half of the week. We are forecasting hot & very humid days, highs in the low to mid 90s, and the risk of scattered showers and storms, mostly during the afternoon and evening hours. We do expect an increase in the number of showers and storms by Thursday, as a surface front approaches the state and then stalls out somewhere likely near the Interstate 85 corridor. This front will be enhancing the uplift across the region and this will certainly help for more widespread shower and thunderstorm activity. By Friday, we should see a bulk of the convection pushing towards the south. QPF output over the next five days has much of Central Alabama receiving anywhere from one half to one inch of rain.

7-27-2015 7-56-34 PM

THE ALABAMA WEEKEND: Depending how far south the boundary makes it will determine the weather for your location this weekend. Model data shows the boundary stalling out near the Interstate 85 corridor. To the north of the boundary, dry and sunny weather, while along and south of the boundary, expect rainy conditions. A summer frontal boundary is hard to forecast for the Deep South this time of year as they are rare and because we are not exactly sure how far south it will make it. Going with model persistence, expect more sun than clouds for North-Central Alabama and highs should be in the lower 90s.

James will be back with the regular morning and afternoon videos on Wednesday. Stay cool!

Mid-Summer Saturday

| 1:58 pm July 25, 2015

The weather is hot and humid today. We are seeing mainly sunny conditions, and all locations across Central Alabama are seeing temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s. Drier air continues to settle into the state from the north, for this reason, most locations will stay dry. We are seeing a few a showers and storms on the radar this afternoon, mainly over South Alabama, but overall, it is just a typical late July Saturday across the state.

7-25-2015 1-41-26 PM

Heading into the evening and overnight hours, expect fairly balmy and humid conditions. Any storms that develop will wind down once the sun sets this evening and we should see overnight lows into the mid-70s.

Expect plenty of sunshine on Sunday and a very hot day as the ridge continues to strengthen. Rain chances are lower tomorrow and we will see highs into the mid-90s with even some upper 90s in some locations of the state. It should be a great day to hit the local waterways or a pool to cool off.

Hot is the Word

| 7:09 am July 19, 2015

I am filling in for Brian Peters today, as Bill said yesterday, these Weather Xtreme Videos are hard to do and to get everything just right will take lots practice. Hope you enjoy and please go easy on me as well, this was my first time.

We start this forecast off by looking at the U.S. as a whole and that orange bucket of spilled paint has not been cleaned up over the Southeast as a Heat Advisory remains in effect for much of the Southeast and the entire state of Alabama. For Alabama, the advisory has been extended through Monday at 9PM. Heat index values will remain very high the next couple of days as values of 105°-110° are expected.

7-19-2015 5-19-26 AM

We start today with temperatures with most locations in the mid to upper 70s across Central Alabama. As we head through today, we can expect more of the same in the forecast. Hazy, hot, humid weather with the risk of a few isolated afternoon shower and storms. Highs today will be flirting with the century mark once again, and factor in that humidity, it will be feeling quite oppressive out there this afternoon. Take it easy today, as the scorching hot weather continues across the state of Alabama.

7-19-2015 7-06-11 AM

HEAT RELIEF?: As we saw yesterday, the only heat relief will come from those widely scattered afternoon storms. Temps generally climb well into the 90s by early afternoon, and that allows instability to build. Showers and storms begin to develop rapidly and can grow quite intense, producing gusty winds, intense rainfall, and tremendous amounts of lightning. Where these pop-up, they provide that natural cooling with temps generally falling from the 90s, back down into the upper 70s and low 80s. There is no forecast accuracy in where these storms develop, they just pop-up randomly about the Alabama landscape. A quick snap shot of the radar this morning shows all clear, but of course that will change by this afternoon.

7-19-2015 5-51-57 AM

HITTING THE BEACH: Great weather along the coast this weekend with fairly typical mid-summer weather for the week ahead. Click here to open Central Alabama’s most detailed forecast for the beautiful beaches of Alabama and Northwest Florida, brought to you by Gulf Shores Plantation.

The Gulf Coast Beach Forecast is presented by Gulf Shores Plantation by Mandoki Hospitality Vacation Rentals. Escape to Gulf Shores Plantation where memories last a lifetime.

SEVERE WEATHER TODAY: Severe weather is possible today from the Northeast to the Central U.S. The area of greatest concern extends from western New England to the Midwest. In this area, localized flash flooding, damaging winds and hail are the primary threats. The SPC has these areas highlighted in their “slight risk” that extends from western Maine back through Central Illinois.

TRACKING THE TROPICS: The entire Atlantic is quiet. There continues to be a lot of dry air and wind shear across the basin and for that reason development is expected the next five days. In the eastern Pacific, one powerful Dolores has dissipated and it is no more. The moisture associated with the remnants are streaming into the Southwest U.S. and are producing a lot of rain and thunderstorms in the Desert Southwest. Flash flood watches are in effect for much of Arizona, and portions of California, & Nevada.

NEW WEEK, SAME WEATHER: It stays hot on Monday and with small variations in the strength and placement of the upper ridge, and temperatures aloft, things just won’t change much. Highs might back off a few degrees by mid-week, with a slight increase in the coverage of afternoon storms, but the idea remains the same. Highs in the 90s, lows in the 70s. Looking at the GFS ensembles, we stay hot with those nasty 90s through the end of the month and straight on into August, but that is what we expect in late July in Alabama.

7-19-2015 5-14-31 AM

WEATHERBRAINS: Great show this week with Geoff Fox, a TV Meteorologist from Palm Springs, California, who actually works remotely! As in remotely from his home in Irvine, California. Check out the weekly netcast that’s all about weather at Listen live on Monday nights at Or subscribe to the audio version on iTunes.

Look for the next Weather Xtreme video here tomorrow morning… enjoy the rest of this very hot weekend!

Hot Saturday Afternoon

| 2:55 pm July 18, 2015

The hottest weekend so far this year is underway across the state of Alabama. Looking at the maps this afternoon, we are seeing temperatures well into the 90s across the state. We do note a few of cooler spots in orange as there are a few storms ongoing this afternoon.

7-18-2015 2-34-18 PM

A look at the satellite this afternoon shows plenty of sunshine across the state. The sunshine is helping those temps flirt with the century mark this afternoon. It is also allowing instability to build and that is allowing for a few of those bright white towering cumulus clouds to bubble up this afternoon.

7-18-2015 2-36-23 PM

Underneath those clouds, we are seeing a few storms this afternoon on the radar. The greatest concentration of these storms is between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. As we have seen the past few weeks, any storms today will be producing a lot of lightning, gusty winds, and heavy rainfall. These storms will continue to meander about the Alabama landscape, but most activity is slowly sinking towards the south. Today’s convection will begin to wind down once the sun sets later this evening.

7-18-2015 2-53-24 PM

Click image to enlarge.

FOR SUNDAY: If you like today’s weather, you will love tomorrow’s. It will be hot, mainly sunny, humid, and mostly dry. Of course, there will be a few isolated afternoon showers and storms, but these will be few and far between. Look for highs tomorrow to be flirting with the century mark across much of Central Alabama.

Hazy, Hot, Humid

| 1:15 pm July 11, 2015

A mainly sunny and hazy day is underway across Alabama. We are seeing cumulus clouds develop across the Alabama landscape but most of these are not providing much shade or heat relief.

7-11-2015 1-06-35 PM

A large part of Alabama is hot and dry with temperatures in the low to mid 90s this afternoon.

7-11-2015 1-03-12 PM

We are watching a handful of showers & storms that have formed in the daytime heat across portions of Central Alabama. These storms are currently are not overly-impressive, but that could certainly change the next few hours. Throughout the afternoon there is the chance for these storms to produce frequent lightning, heavy rain, small hail and gusty winds. The storms that pop-up will wind down rapidly this evening once the sun sets. With the northwesterly flow, we are seeing the general motion of theses storms from northwest to southeast. This activity will be very hit or miss, and will last about 30 minutes. Early this afternoon, most of this activity was south of Interstate 20 and over portions of West Alabama.

7-11-2015 1-11-04 PM

For our Sunday, more of the same, with a few scattered afternoon storms, and highs in the mid to upper 90s. Get ready for another hot day, with the only heat relief coming from those storms that will pop-up in random places across the Alabama landscape.