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Dry Today, Rain Tomorrow

| 2:22 pm September 27, 2014

For most of the state today, we are seeing partly sunny to mostly cloudy conditions. Temps are staying a few degrees cooler as well, with most locations hanging in the upper 70s this afternoon. It continues to be dry across the entire state, and we are not expecting to see much in the way rain for the rest of your Saturday. Any plans you have this evening should see mild and dry weather.

9-27-2014 2-06-40 PM

However, the atmosphere over the state is in the process of becoming saturated as dew points are increasing from south to north across the state. Showers and storms have developed across the North-Central Gulf and these will move north overnight. As moisture levels continue to increase, we will begin to see an upper-level trough approaching the region, and this trough will be enhancing uplift across the Southeast. During the overnight hours, we are looking for showers and storms to develop and spread across much of the area. A soaking rain should set in tonight and last through much of Sunday as well into Monday. Model data continues to paint a soggy picture for Central Alabama as 1-2 inches of rain are in the forecast.

As we look as the latest 48 hour QPF output for rainfall totals from this evening until Monday evening, it shows much of the state will see plenty of rain. This afternoon’s model run has actually increased totals across the state, and rainfall totals closer to two inches are forecast, with possibly three inch totals in some areas. We will be watching for the threat of flooding in some localized areas, but as dry as it as been lately, we should be okay. Nevertheless, from tonight through Monday, be prepared for a soaking rain, and make sure you have the rain gear handy.

9-27-2014 2-15-33 PM

A Beautiful Saturday

| 12:18 pm September 20, 2014


The weather is terrific today across the state. We did see quite a bit of cloud cover over eastern and southern portions of the state, but through the morning hours, these clouds are slowly dissipating and by later this afternoon, we should all see a sun-filled sky. It will remain dry and pleasant across the state today, and it is shaping up to be one the best Saturday’s we have seen across the state in some while.

At midday, temps are not bad at all. There are ranging from the mid-70s to the lower and mid-80s across the central portions of the state. Through the afternoon, temps will continue to climb into the mid to upper 80s. Depending on your location, and the amount of sunshine you get, will determine the temperature. Dew points are in the 60s for most locations and though it is warm today, it is rather comfortable as those humidity levels are lower.  It is great day for any outdoor activities you may have planned.

9-20-2014 12-09-47 PM

Most Areas Dry

| 3:18 pm September 13, 2014

9-13-2014 3-11-27 PM

As expected today, the bulk of the unsettled weather is across southern portions of the state. We continue to see a mix of sun and clouds today, but we are seeing most locations staying dry. The radar returns in Central Alabama are mostly just ground clutter and it is not raining in the areas.  The main shower and storm activity is over the southeastern counties.

There is a wide range of temperatures across the Central Alabama today. Locations to the north are in the lower 70s, while down south, where the front has not pushed through yet, upper 80s and lower 90s are showing up. For the rest of today, we should see the cloud cover continue to thin out, and the sky should be partly cloudy overnight. There is only a slight chance of a shower for locations north of the U.S. 80 corridor.

Midday Radar Check

| 12:16 pm September 6, 2014

We continue to be under a very moisture rich air mass across the state today. We are seeing a mix of sun and clouds, with very warm and humid conditions. As the atmosphere heats up, and instability builds, showers and storm begin bubbling up across the state. Looking at the radar, we are seeing scattered to numerous showers across the Alabama landscape.

There are a few storms mixed in with the showers, but overall we are just seeing showers. The general movement of today’s convection is towards the south. A weak frontal boundary is sagging south into the state, and that is also helping provide a little bit of extra uplift which is helping showers develop as well.

Heading through the rest of the afternoon, expect more of the same. A mix of sun and clouds, with showers and storms. Storms should continue into the evening hours before winding down once the daytime heating is lost.

9-6-2014 12-11-11 PM

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Storms Over Alabama

| 4:46 pm August 30, 2014

We continue to see widespread convection this afternoon. The last few hours, the bulk of the activity has been over western portions of the state, as the storms became somewhat linear. Storms today are producing quite a bit of lightning, gusty winds, and torrential rainfall. The general motion continues to be towards the north.

Over the next several hours, storms will persist as they lift north. The more intense storms at this time are affecting Winston, Walker, Fayette, Bibb, and Chilton counties. Storms should be approaching the Birmingham Metro during the next hour or so. Where it is raining, we are seeing much cooler temps down in the 70s, but where it is not, still 90s.


Showers Developing

| 12:13 pm August 30, 2014

A very soupy air mass is in place across the state today. Dew points have climbed back into the 70s, and that is making it feel very humid out there this afternoon. Add in a little daytime heating, and uplift provided by a shortwave trough approaching from the west, and we are looking at some unsettled weather the next couple of days.

Late this morning, showers began developing across the state. With a strong southerly flow across the state, general movement of today’s activity is from south to north. For the rest of today, with such a moist and unstable air mass in place, convection will continue to develop and we will see widespread and numerous showers and storms. It will not be continuous rain, but there could be several rounds of showers to impact your specific location.

8-30-2014 12-09-18 PM

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Update on Cristobal

| 4:00 pm August 24, 2014


The latest data from the NHC has Cristobal moving north. The official track from the NHC now keeps Cristobal well off the East Coast of the U.S.


LOCATION…24.5N 73.0W

8-24-2014 3-52-43 PM

Afternoon Radar Check

| 3:31 pm August 24, 2014

It continues to be very hot and humid across the state today. Unlike yesterday, where just a few storms developed, there are many more showers and storms this afteroon. The bulk of the activity is over eastern portions of the state, and this activity is drifting towards the south-southwest. The U.S. 431 Highway is be impacting up and down the eastern side of the state, as several areas of storms are producing very heavy rainfall and dangerous lightning. A few storms could be producing gusty winds and small hail as well.

There is another batch of activity from Bibb County down through Perry, Dallas, and Lowndes County. Once again, all activity is moving towards the south-southwest. The storms out there now, will persist through the afternoon and evening hours, before the begin to weaken after sunset. Where it has rained, temps have dropped into the 70s and 80s as seen in DeKalb and Shelby counties. Where the rain has not fallen, it is very hot as mid to upper 90s continue across many areas of the state.

8-24-2014 3-21-58 PM

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