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Ryan Stinnett

Ryan Stinnett

Montgomery Television Meteorologist and long time Contributor on AlabamaWX. Stormchaser. I did not choose Weather, it chose Me. College Football Fanatic. @Ryan_Stinnet

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Sun-filled Saturday

| 1:54 pm February 6, 2016

We have seen a few mid and upper-level clouds move across the Alabama sky today, but overall it is a very nice first Saturday of February.

2-6-2016 1-47-30 PM

Temperatures are cool, but not all that bad with most locations into the lower 50s, while a few of those cooler spots remain in the upper 40s.

2-6-2016 1-50-12 PM

Tonight, expect mainly clear conditions with another cold start as low will be in the upper 20s and lower 30s. Great looking weather will continue for our Sunday. After the chilly start, which I highly recommend grabbing the jackets when heading out the door, our afternoon highs, thanks to an abundance of sunshine, will warm into the mid to upper 50s, and will be a few degrees warmer than today.

Splendid Spring-like Saturday

| 1:47 pm January 30, 2016

It is oh so nice this afternoon. Most locations are severe clear, with the exception of a few of those very high, wispy cirrus clouds.

1-30-2016 1-41-49 PM

Temperatures are in the upper 60s as well as some lower 70s. I am having to do a double take at the calendar as it is feeling like the last weekend of March, instead of the last weekend of January, with temperatures this afternoon 10-15 degrees above average.

1-30-2016 1-43-08 PM

For tonight, expect another gorgeous night, with mainly clear conditions and lows in the upper 40s and lower 50s. For Sunday, the winds of change will begin to blow. Our winds will increase out of the south which is going to start bringing in more warm and moist air. It will be another warm day as afternoon highs will be in the upper 60s and lower 70s, but we will not see as much sun as clouds will be increasing. Tomorrow should stay dry, but overnight Sunday night, there certainly could be a few showers moving across Alabama.

Sunshine Returns, Remaining Cold & Blustery

| 1:54 pm January 23, 2016

We are seeing our sky clear today, but oh boy it remains a down-right miserably cold day across the state.

1-23-2016 12-38-00 PM

Temperature are just above freezing in Central Alabama, while locations in the Tennessee Valley remain in the 20s. Our winds continue to blow out of the north-northwest which just adds insult in injury, and wind chills are well below freezing this afternoon and that is where they will stay. Bundle up in layers if you have to head out and about today. Through the afternoon, we will see more sun than clouds, but despite the sunshine, temperatures will not go up.

1-23-2016 1-50-22 PM

With a clearing sky and our winds diminishing, we are going to see a very cold night. Lower and mid 20s are expected, and yes there will be some teens on the temperature maps tomorrow morning. For our Sunday, look for improving weather for the second half of our weekend. We are going to see plenty of sunshine, and tomorrow could be one of those days it will be hard to find a cloud in the Alabama sky. It will not be as windy, and we are going to see warmer temperatures with most locations climbing into the upper 40s to near 50F degrees.

Early Afternoon Update

| 1:19 pm January 22, 2016

We are watching the rain transition to snow across North-Central Alabama this afternoon as the much colder air spills into the state. A band of rain/snow mix is now working towards the Interstate 65 corridor and the Birmingham Metro. Within this band, there a numerous reports of bursts of heavy snow, but nothing more than that and certainly no accumulations at this time.

1-22-2016 1-10-45 PM

Expanding the radar out of Central Alabama, there are additional areas of snow across Mississippi and Tennessee that could rotate through the state and continue to provide periods of snow and snow showers as we head into the evening and overnight hours, but these will be very light in nature as the deep moisture axis shifts east of the state

1-22-2016 1-12-10 PM

At this time, the weather service is going to maintain the Winter Weather Advisory until 6AM Saturday morning, but will re-evaluate later this afternoon. In addition to the Winter Weather Advisory, there is a Wind Advisory in effect for all of Central Alabama until midnight. With a tight pressure gradient, winds are quite blustery this afternoon and are sustained in the 15-25mph range, with gusts over 30mph. These gusty winds could bring down some tree limbs.

1-22-2016 1-02-20 PM

Looking at the latest traffic maps, we are not seeing any reports of impacts on travel this afternoon, as temperatures remain above the freezing mark. Roads are in decent shape this afternoon and that should remain the case through the evening hours. Late this evening, into tonight, and first thing Saturday, is when a few slick spots are expected.

1-22-2016 1-06-08 PM

Click image to enlarge.

Current temperatures are in the 30s for most locations in West Alabama, while 40s persist over East Alabama. We are going to continue to see falling temperatures this afternoon and evening as those blustery northwest winds advect that much colder air into the state. It looks like most of us will stay above freezing until the evening hours.

1-22-2016 1-01-11 PM

After about 8PM is when there could be a few icy spots as the temps go below freezing. The main area of concerns will of course be this bridges and overpasses. Of course we urge everyone to use some extra caution the next 24 hours, until overall weather conditions improve. Stay safe and enjoy the pretty snowflakes!

Colder Weather on the Way

| 2:37 pm January 16, 2016

A cold front is moving through the state today and we are seeing a wide range in temperatures across the state with lower 40s in the Tennessee Valley, while locations across South Alabama are in the lower and mid-60s. For us in Central Alabama, most spots are in the 50s this afternoon. For the most part, we are seeing more sun than clouds, and overall the weather is not bad at all today. The cold front will continue to move though today and will deliver much colder weather the next several days.

1-16-2016 2-14-35 PM

A shortwave trough will move across the region tonight, and an area of low pressure along the Texas Coast this afternoon will move through the northern Gulf tonight. This system will allow thunderstorms over the middle to upper Texas coastal areas early this afternoon, with a risk for isolated hail. A greater risk for severe thunderstorms, including a couple of tornadoes and damaging winds, is expected across the central and southwest Florida peninsula late tonight as it moves east.

1-16-2016 2-18-39 PM

Through the evening and overnight, clouds will be increasing and we are going to see scattered showers across the state, however, the low levels of the atmosphere will be very dry and most of the precip that falls will likely evaporate before reaching the ground. We will likely see some light rain as far north as Central Alabama, and there could even be some snow flurries as far north as the Interstate 20 corridor, the rain will be more likely across South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Temperatures are forecast to stay above freezing, and soil temperatures are still warm, so no impacts from any snow that could fall, but it really looks like for Central Alabama, any precip that falls will be very light and should not amount to much.

It will be much colder tomorrow as our winds will be out of the north on the back side of the trough. It will be a day with clouds to start the day, with gradual clearing through the day, but highs tomorrow do not climb out of the 40s.

Chilly Saturday

| 1:50 pm January 2, 2016

We are finally seeing some sunshine today, but we are still dealing with clouds too. However, it is an improvement from the last week of weather when sunshine has been missing in action.

1-2-2016 1-46-13 PM

After starting the day in the 30s, all locations across Central Alabama have been able to make it into the 40s this afternoon.

1-2-2016 1-45-40 PM

Heading into tonight, we are going to see the clouds continue to thin out across the area, and we are going to be seeing temperatures at or near freezing for many of us. Sunday will be a near repeat of today. We will see more sun and that will allow for an uptick in the afternoon highs with lower 50s expected.

Much Calmer Today

| 1:38 pm December 26, 2015

It was an incredibly busy day across the state yesterday, with widespread flash flooding and even a few tornadoes. It wasn’t much of a Merry Christmas, but more of a messy Christmas.

Thankfully, the weather is calmer today. We remain under southerly flow, and temperatures this afternoon are mainly in the 70s, while locations in South Alabama are into the 80s.

12-26-2015 1-35-07 PM

Showers and storms aren’t really showing up today, but most locations remain cloudy, and there could still be scattered showers and storms through the afternoon and evening. Really what I have noticed driving around town is misty conditions and very light rain.

12-26-2015 1-31-25 PM

For our Sunday, scattered showers and storms will once again be a possibility as it remains mainly cloudy, muggy and unseasonably warm. Highs tomorrow will once again be in the mid-70s as some of us will be dodging a few rain drops

Severe Clear and Chilly

| 3:02 pm December 19, 2015

We continue to see cloud free conditions, with sunshine and a cobalt blue sky. And you will be hard-pressed to find a cloud in any nearby state. High pressure is centered over Alabama making for the zero clouds.

12-19-2015 2-40-50 PM

It is finally feeling like the Christmas season across Alabama and the Southeast. Despite all the sunshine, temperatures remain chilly today with 40s and 50s. Despite the chill, it is a gorgeous day and there are no weather woes if you are out and about shopping or for any Christmas of holiday parties you may be attending.

12-19-2015 2-49-35 PM

It will be another clear and cold night, and once the sun sets this evening, those temperatures will be rapidly falling. We should once again see widespread frosty conditions with most spots in the upper 20s and lower 30s and it looks on the graphic below, that portions of West Alabama will see some of the colder temps tomorrow morning at 7AM.

12-19-2015 2-57-40 PM

Sunday will be almost identical to today, but we will see afternoon highs a little warmer as upper 50s and a few 60s will be on the maps. Expect another gorgeous day, with tons of sun, and simply beautiful conditions.

Warm Weekend Weather

| 1:36 pm December 12, 2015

We are well up into the 70s again today and some 80s down south, as this spring-like air mass highlights our December Saturday. Another day with a mix of sun and clouds and the record high for Birmingham today is 78 set back in 1971. Our average high for today is 56F so we are some 15-20 degrees above where we should be. Of course we will have to wait until late this evening to see if we tied or set any new records. Tonight, expect a mild night for December with lows mainly in the mid-50s and a partly cloudy sky.

12-12-2015 1-30-19 PM

With a strong area of high pressure to the east of us, and the approaching system from the west, we are going to see the pressure gradient between these two increase our winds across the state tomorrow. Winds will likely be sustained between 10-20 mph with gusts over 30mph at times. It still looks as though most of tomorrow will be dry and very warm with highs in the mid to upper 70s and yes, likely flirting with those records again. For tomorrow, the record for Birmingham is 79 set back in 1931, which seems as though it will be safe, but you never know.

12-12-2015 1-33-51 PM

The latest day two convective outlook from the SPC for Sunday night has all but done away with the severe weather threat for Alabama.

12-12-2015 11-58-05 AM

There will still be showers and storms roll across the state ahead of a cold front, but the lack of instability, means really nothing more than gusty winds and heavy rainfall. The air aloft for this kind of system is also relatively warm, which means poor lapse rates, another ingredient needed for severe weather. It will be very hard to get thunderstorms going in this setup. So the bottom line is that a band of showers will move through the state Sunday night, with gusty winds, but probably no thunder. Best chance of rain will come from 10:00 p.m. Sunday through 4:00 a.m. Monday and rain amounts of 1/2 inch are likely and some spots could see a little more.

These showers will be moving through with strong wind fields and a highly sheared environment, so we will still watch things closely. When it comes to thunderstorms, expect the unexpected, you know, but overall the severe weather threat for Alabama is very low, but not zero.

Sunny Saturday, Dry Through Midweek

| 12:19 pm December 5, 2015

12-5-2015 12-02-31 PM

SUPERB SATURDAY: This first weekend of December is a mighty fine one across the state. We are once again see plenty of sunshine and blue sky, with cool, yet seasonal temperatures. After another chilly start today, we are seeing most locations climbing into the upper 50s and lower 60s this afternoon. Once the sun sets this evening, will once again see our temperature cool off into the 30s overnight.

12-5-2015 12-15-57 PM

ON THE MAPS: A series of storm systems will impact the Pacific Northwest this weekend into early next week, bringing a potential for heavy rainfall, very strong winds, and mountain snowfall. For us in Alabama, a 1042mb area of high pressure centered over the Mid-Atlantic continues to be the main feature in control of our weather. This area of high pressure will keep us dry and cool through the middle of the week.

12-5-2015 12-17-39 PM

SENSATIONAL SUNDAY: Tomorrow’s forecast is almost a carbon copy of today’s with the exception for a few more passing clouds and afternoon highs will be a few degrees warmer. Any plans you may have, will have no impacts from the weather.

Unseasonably Warm Saturday

| 2:54 pm November 28, 2015

Another terrific day of weather for this last Saturday of November. Plenty of sun for most of the state, while clouds are increasing for northern portions of the state. Another very warm day as temperatures are in the 70s for many of us, which is still 10-15 degrees above average. There are certainly no weather issues for the Iron Bowl today, and we are going to be staying dry for the most part.

11-28-2015 2-40-02 PM

There is a chance for a few showers for Northwest Alabama later tonight, but the main weather story continues to be the mess to the west; where flooding, winter weather, and ice storm warnings continue today. Portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas are being dealt a blow my Mother Nature this weekend. The storm system responsible is lifting towards the Great Lakes, and will not be impacting Alabama.

11-28-2015 2-48-04 PM

We are watching the associated cold front that is currently stretching from the Mid-Atlantic, back through the Ohio Valley and into eastern Texas, as it will be sliding towards Alabama which will be bringing rain to the forecast as we round out the weekend. This front it moving very slowly, and is making very little forward progress as an area of high pressure over the Southeast Coast is continuing to be the main feature controlling our weather. We do note the significant temperature change from one side of the front to the other making it very easy to find the front on the temperature map below.

11-28-2015 2-43-31 PM

For Sunday, some showers are expected for areas along and north of Interstate 20. It doesn’t look like a big rain event as the main dynamic support stays north and west of our state. The weather stays mild Sunday with a high in the upper 60s, but look for more clouds than sun.

Cold Air on the Way!

| 2:10 pm November 21, 2015

As expected, our clouds have been increasing today out ahead of the cold front that will be passing through the state later this evening. There are a few light showers along the frontal boundary and those will be moving through Central Alabama this afternoon, and will be out of here later tonight.

11-21-2015 1-55-19 PM

At 2PM this afternoon, the cold front is currently moving through North Mississippi with temps in the 60s in Columbus and Tupelo, and upper 40s with a gusty north wind in Memphis north of the front.

11-21-2015 1-51-43 PM

For tonight the sky will gradually clear as the cold and dry air moves into the state. By tomorrow morning, many locations across North-Central Alabama will be at or just below freezing and there will be areas of 20s to the north. A freeze warning is in effect for tonight for the following counties: Marion, Lamar, Fayette, Winston, Walker, Blount, Etowah, Cherokee & Pickens. This includes the cities of Hamilton, Sulligent, Vernon, Fayette, Double Springs, Jasper, Oneonta, Gadsden, Centre, and Carrollton. This warning is in effect from 3AM to 9AM.

11-21-2015 2-02-15 PM

Better have those jackets ready to go the next few days as the coldest air so far this season arrives behind the front. Tomorrow will be a gorgeous day with an abundance of sunshine and cobalt blue sky. However, looks will be very deceiving, it will be a blustery day with a chilly north wind of 10-20 mph, and afternoon highs will not climb above the mid 40s.

11-21-2015 2-04-42 PM

With even colder temperatures tomorrow night, where most locations will be well down into the 20s, all of Central Alabama is under freeze warning tomorrow night from 9PM-9AM. This will by far be the coldest night for many locations since March 7th when the temperature at Birmingham dropped to 23F. Be prepared to take any precautions needed for this very cold air. As we always say, remember the 4 Ps: People, Pets, Pipes, & Plants.