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Rain Today; Cold Tomorrow

| 7:34 am February 1, 2015

2-1-2015 7-10-07 AM

*** No Weather Xtreme Video this morning ***

Grab the rain gear heading out the door this morning. The month of February will start off on a wet note for us in Central Alabama. Low pressure moving east will be the culprit behind widespread showers we are seeing currently moving into the the state. Rain is falling across West Alabama and it is pushing east. Through out the day, we will see periods of rain and we will likely hear a few rumbles of thunder. The rain will persist into the overnight hours. Highs this afternoon should once again be in the upper 50s.

The latest model output for rainfall amounts, we see much of Alabama will see rainfall totals up to one inch. There will likely be some places that pass the one inch mark and approach an inch and a half. For the most part, many of us will certainly see a nice soaking rain the the next 24 hours.

2-1-2015 7-12-52 AM

Looking at the weather maps, it is hard not to notice all the winter storm watches and warning to the north. A wide swath of accumulating snow will extend from Nebraska to New England and this is were we are seeing these alerts. Just to the south of this area of snow, marginal temps will lead to the possibility of a transition zone of sleet and freezing rain. Cities that will be seeing the snow are Des Moines, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, New York, and Boston. Up to a foot of snow will be possible in these areas through Monday. Early this morning, we even see blizzard warning have been issued for the Chicago area.

2-1-2015 7-14-48 AM

For the week ahead, tomorrow will be a very cold and it will be feeling very much like winter. It will be a cold day, with temps in the lower 40s. Winds will be briskly blowing from the northwest at 10-20 mph making it very chilly. The sky should be clearing, and we should see a mainly sunny afternoon. Then for Monday night, the winds will subside and we will see a bitterly cold overnight with many of us in the lower to mid-20s. Sun returns for Tuesday, but then we see rain chances increases for Wednesday and into Thursday. As the rain leaves Thursday another shot of cold air arrives for Friday. It will certainly be a roller coaster of temperatures this week.

2-1-2015 7-30-56 AM

Saturday Afternoon Update

| 3:09 pm January 31, 2015

Much of Central Alabama continues to see more sun than clouds, but looking at the latest visible satellite imagery, clouds are increasing to the west and making their way east. By late this evening, and especially overnight, the sky will become mostly cloudy across the state. Before then, we continue to see seasonal temps as many locations in and throughout Alabama are into the mid and upper 50s this afternoon. With the increasing clouds, we should see some very nice colors this evening as the sun sets.

1-31-2015 3-04-13 PM

Not much showing up currently in Alabama. There are a few radar returns stretching from Cullman County up into the Tennessee Valley, moving northward. As we expand out across the Southeast, showers are developing in the Mississippi Valley and there is a larger expanse of rain across Texas and Oklahoma, and that is heading our way. Rain will begin across Alabama on Sunday by mid to late morning. Grab the rain gear heading out the door in the morning. The rain will continue through the afternoon and nighttime hours. Some thunder is possible in a few spots, but no severe weather. Most of us will see a soaking rain as rain amounts of 1/2 to 1 inch are likely. The rain will taper off late Sunday night.

1-31-2015 3-06-37 PM

Latest Drought Monitor

| 1:49 pm January 31, 2015

1-30-2015 8-46-18 PM

Much of the state of California continues to suffer from exceptional drought conditions. In Texas, recent rains continue to help conditions improve. The exceptional drought conditions there are only affecting northern portions of Texas and into Oklahoma.

For Alabama, locations across the Tennessee Valley continue to be in the best shape with no drought conditions being reported, except in the northeastern corner of Jackson and DeKalb counties. Abnormally dry conditions are affecting 38.94% of the state this week, which is down from 42.60% of the state last week. Also last week, moderate drought was occurring in 3.05% of the state, this week, it decreased to 1.63% of the state. These conditions are south of the Interstate 10 corridor in Baldwin County.

The monitor was released on Thursday and with additional beneficial rains in the forecast tomorrow, we should see improving conditions by the release of next week’s monitor.

1-30-2015 8-47-22 PM

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Enjoy Today; Rain Tomorrow

| 7:20 am January 31, 2015

*** No Weather Xtreme Video this morning ***

Hard to believe we are already wrapping up the first month of 2015. We are starting the day off rather chilly across the area. Temps early this morning were in the 20s for most locations in Central Alabama. Over the last few hours, we have seen the winds begin to mix up the atmosphere, and temps have increased into the 30s for much of Central Alabama. It is a cold morning, so you will certainly need the jackets heading out the door this morning. We are seeing mainly sunny conditions and as the sun continues to shine, we will see our temps on the rise. By this afternoon, temps should climb into the mid to upper 50s across Central Alabama. Certainly enjoy today, as the weather turns rather wet tomorrow.

1-31-2015 6-53-59 AM

A trough is swinging across the eastern half of the U.S. tonight and tomorrow. Our flow becomes southerly, and we will see clouds increasing by late today and even a few showers will be possible. Rain will become widespread by tomorrow and Sunday looks to be rather wet for the entire state. For tomorrow, expect periods of rain, and as we look at the latest QPF output below, many locations across the state are forecast to receive one-half to one inch of rain. Of course some locations will receive more. Nevertheless, you will need the rain gear for the second half of the weekend.

1-31-2015 6-45-57 AM

As this system pulls away from the state Monday we could see a few flurries where there will be some lingering moisture. However, the main headline from Monday will be the colder and very blustery day that is expected. The sky will be clearing but temps will be dropping and it looks as though temps will struggle to make it into the lower 40s for highs. Wind chills for most of Monday will likely be at or below freezing. For the rest of next week, we will see another rain event Wednesday into Thursday and it will be a cold rain. Not expecting any wintry precip as temps will be in the upper 30s and lower 40s. Then as that system exits stage right, it appears we will see a very cold end to the week as a quick hitting Arctic air plunge moves into the Deep South. The meteogram below is based off the GFS and by next Friday, it appears temperatures will struggle to reach the 40s. Keep in mind there is still a lot of winter left and I don’t think we are done with the bitterly cold air just yet. Have a great day!!!

1-31-2015 7-13-52 AM

Hello Sunshine

| 1:32 pm January 24, 2015

After the foul Friday of weather, what a difference a day makes. We had quite a few clouds this morning, but those have moved on and mixed out, and we are seeing almost nothing but sunshine and blue sky this afternoon. After the cold start, with most location in Central Alabama near freezing, we are seeing an overall nice warm up as well, with upper 40s and 50s greeting you outside today. However, there remains a brisk northwest breeze keeping it feeling rather chilly at times this afternoon. The jackets are definitely needed if outside today. For tonight, it will be another cold night with a clear sky, temps once again head towards the freezing mark.

1-24-2015 1-30-06 PM

A near rinse and repeat forecast for tomorrow, except temps will be about ten degrees warmer tomorrow afternoon. Of course there will remain plenty of sun, and tomorrow afternoon should be rather fantastic for the last Sunday in January. Get out and enjoy the weather if you have the chance to tomorrow.

Sunny & Very Nice Saturday

| 1:37 pm January 17, 2015

It is a gorgeous day across the state of Alabama. It was a cold start, but under a sunshine filled sky, the temps have climbed into the upper 50s and lower 60s. There are just a few clouds in the sky and a light breeze, it is certainly making it super day of weather. Heading into the overnight hours, a weak frontal boundary will move across the state tonight. We will see a few more clouds and there may be an isolated shower possible, but overall most locations will stay dry but temps will settle back down into the mid-30s. Just like this morning, there will be those areas of frost as well.

For tomorrow, the clouds from tonight will move out by tomorrow morning. It will be another sunny day, with hardly a cloud in the sky, but temps will be cooler tomorrow. Look for highs tomorrow in the lower to mid-50s.

1-17-2015 1-24-17 PM

Sun Today, Unsettled Weather Ahead

| 2:42 pm January 10, 2015

Enjoy the sun today as unsettled weather looks to settle into Alabama the next several days. A gorgeous Saturday of weather continues across the state of Alabama. Well that is until you walk outside and the winter chill hits you. Plenty of sun today in the beautiful blue sky, but it remains chilly with temps in many spots across Central Alabama in the lower 40s. These will not climb much higher today, and do not look for anything higher than lower 40s in Central Alabama.

1-10-2015 2-08-35 PM

For tonight, we will begin to see some clouds moving in as southwesterly flow begins to develop over the Southeast. Temps should be about 10 degrees warmer in many spots, now granted that is still in the upper 20s for most locations, so it will be another freezing night, but not as cold as recent nights. Tomorrow will be a day of more clouds than sun. Highs will be in the mid-40s. We will once again introduce scattered showers back into the forecast especially during the afternoon. There may even be a bit of sleet mixed in at times, especially Sunday night, but surface temps will be in the 40s, so any ice that falls will melt on contact.

As we head straight on into a new work week, the weather will stay unsettled. The southwesterly flow will allow for several of those little shortwave disturbances to move across the region. These will provide just enough uplift to allow for more clouds than sun, and the chance for showers at just about anytime. For Monday through Wednesday, we are forecasting scattered showers and periods of rain. This is not forecast to be anything significant with storms and flooding, but over the next four days, many locations in Central Alabama should see around an inch of rain. Though it will be chilly, temps will moderate for the week, with highs in the 50s and lows near 40. Though rain will be possible each day, it appears Monday and Wednesday will have the better chances.

The Latest U.S. Drought Monitor

| 11:55 am January 10, 2015

1-10-2015 10-29-55 AM

For much of the U.S., there has not been significant improvement to the drought stricken areas of the county. Much of the state of California continues to suffer from extreme and exceptional drought conditions. In Texas, and along the Red River Valley, recent rains continue to help conditions improve, but there are still exceptional drought conditions.

For Alabama, as we finished out the year 2014 and started 2015, it certainly has been very wet lately. Over the last month, many locations across the state have received 5-10 inches of rain. These rains caused a drastic improvement in the overall drought and abnormally dry conditions across the state.

In this latest issuance of the drought monitor, no areas in North, Central, or East Alabama are seeing dry/drought conditions. After all the recent rains, the abnormally dry conditions have retreated to the southwestern portions of the state. Last week at this time, 37.51% of the state was being affected by Abnormally Dry conditions. This week, that has decreased to 18.37%. There also remains a bit of moderate drought for portions of southern Mobile and Baldwin Counties. This amounts to 3.05% of the state. There is no area of severe drought anywhere in the state. So far, 2015 is starting off great for much of Alabama when it comes to rainfall. As we head out the next week, we will continue to see unsettled weather with periods of rain. We should continue to see the dry conditions improve across Southwestern Alabama.

1-10-2015 10-29-20 AM

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