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Ryan Stinnett

Ryan Stinnett

Montgomery Television Meteorologist and long time Contributor on AlabamaWX. Stormchaser. I did not choose Weather, it chose Me. College Football Fanatic. @Ryan_Stinnet

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More Showers and Storms

| 1:25 pm April 30, 2016

Most of the day has been rather decent with with a mix of sun and clouds, but clouds are on the increase once again, as a complex of showers and storms is moving across Mississippi and will be arriving in Alabama later today. Also, additional showers and storms are developing ahead of the main complex.

4-30-2016 1-18-02 PM

The SPC has much of West & Southwest Alabama highlighted in their standard “slight risk” of severe weather today. This risk area is essentially along the U.S. 43 corridor from Fayette and Tuscaloosa counties, south through Demopolis, all the way down to Mobile. East of this area, a “marginal risk” covers much of the rest of Alabama.

4-30-2016 12-16-51 PM

Much like we saw yesterday, storms that impact Alabama could produce damaging wind gusts, and large hail. The tornado threat if very low, but not zero. The main impact from storms will be over western portions of the state. Timing on the storms will be later this afternoon, and through the evening hours, but storms should be weakening after the sun sets.

FOR SUNDAY: May looks to start off the way April ends with the threat of showers and storms. The SPC has a “marginal risk” covering the northwestern half of the state. This risk area includes Gadsden, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Cullman, and Muscle Shoals.

4-30-2016 12-20-41 PM

Sunday will be a rather warm and muggy with showers and storms once again a possibility. Tomorrow will be very similar today, with most of the day expected to be dry, but showers and storms will occur. Due to the unstable air mass, specific start and stop times are nearly impossible to pin point, but have the rain gear close to hand tomorrow. The race out at Talladega, should be able to be completed tomorrow, but of course a weather delay cannot be ruled out.

Splendid Spring Weather

| 1:51 pm April 23, 2016

Plenty of sunshine across the state today, but there are a few fair weather clouds in the Alabama sky this afternoon.

4-23-2016 1-41-27 PM

Temperatures are in the 70s and most locations, and with dew points in the lower 50s, it is feeling very nice and pleasant.

4-23-2016 1-38-59 PM

Heading into tonight, expect a clear night with cool temperatures, most locations across Central Alabama will settle in the lower to mid 50s.

HONDA INDY GRAND PRIX OF ALABAMA: Great weather today, and thanks to Scott Martin for the picture below, showing just how beautiful the weather is today. The great weather will continue tomorrow at the Barber Motorsports Park. For the final races Sunday, expect a near repeat of today, with only warmer temperatures. The weather could not be better for the races out there this weekend. Of course, take the sunscreen and make sure you stay hydrated as well. Get ticket information here.

4-23-2016 1-46-19 PM

SUNNY SUNDAY: Another gorgeous day is ahead with nothing but sunshine and blue sky. It will be a warmer day with most locations likely making it into the lower 80s. No chance of rain and any outdoor plans you have will be A-OKAY as far as the weather.

THE WEEK AHEAD: The ridge will remain firmly in control of our weather for much of the week ahead. Expect moderating temperatures as well, and we are going to be seeing lower and mid 80s all week, making this the warmest week of weather so far this year. Once again, I would not be surprised to see some 90s on the maps across South Alabama this upcoming week as well.

4-23-2016 1-39-52 PM

The days will feature more sun than clouds, and nights will be clear. Lows in the 60s are what most of us can expect. The weather stays active to the west of the state, where multiple days of severe weather are expected across the Plains and Midwest. The ridge will keep that active weather away from Alabama for much of the week ahead. By the end of the week, it looks as though we are going to see our rain chances increase. A lot of model divergence for the end of the week, but as of now, we will mention the chance of showers and storms, but at this time severe weather does not look to be a threat for Alabama.

Sunshine Returning, Warmer

| 2:09 pm April 16, 2016

After the cloudy start to our day, drier air is moving in from the east and we are seeing the sunshine return from east to west across the state today.

4-16-2016 1-55-35 PM

Temperatures are in the lower 70s for most of this afternoon, and it continues to be breezy at times. For the rest of today and into tonight, the sky will continue to clear.

4-16-2016 2-00-20 PM

By tomorrow morning, we are forecasting chilly temperatures. Expect 40s across East Alabama, while lower 50s are expected west of Interstate 65. Forecast model output below for 7AM tomorrow morning looks pretty consistent with our thinking.

4-16-2016 2-03-02 PM

A ridge will continue to build in across the Southeast this weekend, and we are going to see more sun and warmer temperatures ahead in the forecast. For tomorrow, expect a day full of sunshine and plenty of blue sky. After the chilly start, we should all see temperatures well into the 70s tomorrow afternoon. Definitely a splendid spring Sunday of weather ahead.

With ridge in control of our weather, the weather for the week ahead is shaping up to be quite nice, and after this past week’s cloudy and dreary conditions, we sure need it. Through at least Wednesday, each day sure feature more sun than clouds and afternoon highs will be in the the upper 70s and lower 80s through out Central Alabama. Nights will be fair and cool, with overnight lows in the 50s.

4-16-2016 2-06-53 PM

Sunny, Cool, Breezy Spring Day

| 2:12 pm April 9, 2016

4-9-2016 1-50-55 PM

Though it is a gorgeous day outside, and it is looking like spring with blue sky, sunshine, and the trees all dressed in green, it is not feeling like spring. It was a chilly start to our day with many spots well down into the 40s. Temperatures have moderated, but they are only in the upper 50s and lower 60s across North-Central Alabama this afternoon.

4-9-2016 1-43-38 PM

We continue to deal with breezy northwest winds as well, and that will keep us unseasonably cool for the weekend.

ANOTHER CHILLY NIGHT: Our winds will decrease some heading into the overnight hours, but they should remain up enough to keep the boundary layer mixed, and prevent any widespread frost issues. However, it is going to be cold tonight, with 30s and 40s for the vast majority of us. There will be the threat of patchy frost across extreme North and East Alabama by tomorrow morning, especially in those colder sheltered spots. Growers beware, and to be safe, I would cover sensitive vegetation. The forecast model output below is at 7AM, which is on the hour, and a lot of time temperatures will drop lower between hours. This is also, model output and not an official forecast, but a general idea of what to expect tomorrow morning.

4-9-2016 1-56-41 PM

WARMER SUNDAY: After the cold start, we will see temperatures begin a warming trend and afternoon highs should be around the 70 degree mark. Forecast model output below for highs tomorrow looks pretty close to what we expect.

4-9-2016 2-05-18 PM

We will see more clouds tomorrow as a shortwave moves across the area. It will allow for clouds to develop, but due to the lack of moisture, rain is not expected. Winds will be lighter tomorrow as well.

Splendid Spring Saturday

| 12:34 pm April 2, 2016

Sunshine and blue sky are the story today. It is a gorgeous Saturday across the state, and after the active week of weather, we sure need it. Most of Alabama is severe clear, but there are a few fair weather clouds across the Tennessee Valley of the state, as well as the immediate Gulf Coast.

4-2-2016 12-16-30 PM

From my vantage point in Central Alabama, I am not seeing a cloud in the sky, and it sure is looking like spring outside. Most locations across Central Alabama are seeing the same thing.


The frontal boundary is pushing south through the state of Florida, and we are seeing high pressure move into the Southern Plains. Since it is to our west, the clockwise flow around it, means our flow will be out of the northwest today. Our winds should increase this afternoon, and it will be quite breezy at times, and a touch cool. A look at the temperature maps this afternoon, temperatures will hold in the lower and mid-60s for much of Central Alabama.

4-2-2016 12-29-46 PM

Clear sky tonight will allow temperatures to fall into the upper 30s and lower 40s. Our winds will stay up as well, and that should keep the boundary layer mixed and should prevent frosty conditions. Here is a look at the NAM-4km projected forecast temperatures for 7AM tomorrow morning.

4-2-2016 12-25-04 PM

As a precaution, if you live in those notorious colder spots and valleys in Alabama, you may want to cover sensitive vegetation, but I think the vast majority of Central Alabama will be okay on temperatures. You will need the jackets tonight, and first thing tomorrow morning.

For your Sunday, after the chilly start, we are going to warm up nicely under a sun-filled sky. Our winds, will be on the order of 7-14 mph out of the northwest, but temperatures will be several degrees warmer than today. Upper 60s should embrace much of Central Alabama, while lower 70s are expected in our southern counties.

Nice Spring Saturday, Rain Returns for Easter

| 1:28 pm March 26, 2016

Nice weather for Central Alabama today, but there is a mess down south. The front that came through earlier this week, stalled along the Gulf Coast and is causing widespread showers and storms across the Gulf Coast and southern portions of Alabama. For the first half of the day, we have seen plenty of sunshine, but clouds are moving north this afternoon and these clouds will be responsible for making a wet Easter Sunday. Temperatures are in the 60s and 70s this afternoon, with the warmer temps where the sun is shining.

3-26-2016 1-21-34 PM

There are a few light showers making their way north into Central Alabama this afternoon, but these are mainly east of Interstate 65 and are few and far between. The vast majority of Central Alabama will stay dry today.

3-26-2016 1-24-18 PM

Southerly flow will continue overnight and into tomorrow and that means the weather turns wet Sunday for much of Central Alabama. Tomorrow, an upper trough will be coming across Missouri with a cold front along the Mississippi River at midday. In the latest Day 2 convective outlook, the SPC has a “slight risk” area northwest of Alabama. The standard “slight risk” area covers much of the western half of Kentucky and Northwest Tennessee. For Alabama, though storms are possible, the SPC has all but trimmed Alabama out of a severe weather threat, except the far NW corner of Alabama, the coastal counties, where a “marginal risk” is in place.

3-26-2016 12-46-37 PM

Tomorrow, CAPE values appear high enough for some thunder, but shear values are pretty low. With the stationary front along the Gulf Coast, convection should be ongoing and that convection along the Gulf Coast will likely be cutting off the really good moisture from returning to Alabama. That being said, though the threat of severe weather is not expected, we are expecting periods of showers and storms; it looks as though some of the Easter Egg hunts may have to be held indoors.

Improving Weather, Turning Colder

| 1:58 pm March 19, 2016

A cold front is currently pushing through the state today.

3-19-2016 1-46-26 PM

We continue to see a mix of sun and clouds, and there are a few light showers out there this afternoon. These will slowly diminish the rest of today and we are going to see improving weather as we head into the overnight hours.

3-19-2016 1-48-06 PM

This afternoon, temperatures are in the 60s in most locations. Winds are going to be increasing the rest of today as well.

3-19-2016 1-49-11 PM

Tonight, spring officially arrives at 11:30PM CDT. However, as spring starts, colder air will be arriving. Temperatures will be falling into the upper 30s for much of North-Central Alabama, and we can see the forecast model output on the graphic below for tomorrow morning. The winds will stay up tonight, so we are not expecting widespread frost, but just know you will need a jacket tomorrow morning.

3-19-2016 1-51-37 PM

The first full day of spring will not be feeling like it. After the chilly start, highs tomorrow will only be in the lower and mid-50s and we can see that below.
3-19-2016 1-53-50 PM

Sunday will be a breezy and cool day with more sun than clouds. The upper low passes by tomorrow, and there could be a few additional clouds with it, and perhaps a few sprinkle across North Alabama, but overall, just expect a rather cool day compared to recent days.

Nice Sunday Afternoon, Storms Possible Overnight

| 2:41 pm March 13, 2016

Overall it is not a bad day out there. We are seeing a mix of sun and clouds. There are a few light showers showing up on the radar this afternoon, but these are few and far between. Most locations will be staying dry but just note a passing shower or two will be possible the rest of today.

3-13-2016 2-27-01 PM

Temperatures this afternoon are mainly in the upper 60s and 70s for Central Alabama.

3-13-2016 2-29-44 PM

Our friends at the SPC have issued an “Enhanced” risk for severe storms today to our west. Scattered severe storms are likely from southeastern Oklahoma across central and southern Arkansas this afternoon and evening. Supercells with a few tornadoes, large hail, and damaging gusts are expected. Tornado watches are in effect in these areas.

3-13-2016 2-30-53 PM

For tonight, we will be watching this thunderstorm activity as it slides towards the east and northeast. Some of these storms will make their way into Alabama late tonight, especially for our northwestern counties especially after midnight. The latest HRRR shows storms making their way into Alabama between 3 and 4AM. However, with the better dynamics west of the state, we are not expecting severe weather in Alabama. Just don’t be surprised if you hear some rumbles of thunder overnight.

3-13-2016 2-34-18 PM

Showers and few storms will be possible to start our Monday, but by the afternoon, we should see a clearing sky with highs in the 70s

Sunshine and Blue Sky

| 1:33 pm February 27, 2016

Another gorgeous day is underway across the state of Alabama and the entire Southeast. It is another one of those days where it is almost impossible to find a cloud in the Alabama sky today.

2-27-2016 1-30-08 PM

It is a warmer day, and after the chilly start this morning, with most locations near freezing, temperatures this afternoon have climbed into the 50s and 60s across the state.

2-27-2016 1-31-26 PM

Tonight will be another clear and cold night, but temperatures should be in the upper 30s instead of the lower 30s.

For your Sunday, the weather only gets better for the second half of our weekend. We will once again see a day that features almost endless sunshine and blue sky, and most locations across Central Alabama will see highs in the upper 60s, and some locations will be making a run at the 70F mark.

Mainly Cloudy & Mild Saturday

| 2:03 pm February 20, 2016

As expected, we are seeing a lot more cloud cover today as the lower levels of the atmosphere are rather saturated and that means the clouds will be sticking around. There may be a few sprinkles out there today, but most of us will be staying dry.

2-20-2016 1-55-39 PM

It is a mild day with most locations in the upper 60s and lower 70s in North-Central Alabama, while mid and upper 70s are showing up this afternoon.

2-20-2016 1-57-13 PM

For tonight, the clouds will continue thicken, and there may be a few isolated showers across North Alabama with temperatures in the mid and upper 50s. Not too bad for a February night in Alabama.

The frontal boundary continues to sink slowly towards the south and will be the focal point for widespread showers for Sunday. Nothing too intense or heavy, but definitely grab the rain gear if you are heading out the door tomorrow. The best rain chances will be located across northern portions of the state, but scattered showers will impact much of the state especially late in the day, and there may even be a few rumbles of thunder. Expect another mild day with upper 60s for the northern half of the state, while 70s will be widespread down south.

As an active week of weather is ahead. Several impulses will develop and move along the frontal boundary that will be stalled across the state. For Monday and Tuesday, expect periods of rain with temperatures in the lower 60s. Rainfall totals for the new week, look to range between 1-3 inches for much of Alabama.

2-20-2016 1-56-13 PM