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Ryan Stinnett

Ryan Stinnett

Montgomery Television Meteorologist and long time Contributor on AlabamaWX. Stormchaser. I did not choose Weather, it chose Me. College Football Fanatic. @Ryan_Stinnet

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Storms for Some

| 3:43 pm August 29, 2015

Alabama appears to be the big winner today as far as the clouds, showers, and storms; they are affecting our state more than any other southeastern state. Numerous and widespread showers and storms continue to impact many locations as they track from southeast to northwest this afternoon. Storms are producing some gusty winds, lots of lightning, and heavy rainfall. No severe weather is expected, but we could see a few isolated reports of flooding due to the slow movement of the storms. These showers and storms will continue through the evening and into the overnight hours.

8-29-2015 3-27-34 PM

Because of the increased cloud cover this afternoon, and where the rain is falling, we are seeing cooler temps and many locations have fallen back down into the 70s. However, where it is not raining, we continue to see upper 80s and lower 90s. Tonight, we should all settle back down into the lower 70s.

8-29-2015 3-25-15 PM

SUNDAY: We will see a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow, and we will continue to mention the chance for showers and storms, however, the coverage will be a bit less. You may have to dodge a few rain drops tomorrow, and if heading out to church in the morning, I would grab the rain gear just to be safe. Highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 80s, but where the rain falls, 70s can be expected.


ERIKA NO MORE: Well wind shear and land have helped finish Erika off and she is nothing more than an open wave. This afternoon, wind shear continues to rip apart the remnants of the system. The general movement of the remnants is towards the northwest and the Gulf of Mexico. Will it redevelop, we don’t think so, the Gulf of Mexico is a highly sheared environment right now, and not at all favorable for tropical cyclone development, but of course there is always a chance. Regardless of re-development, the remnants of Erika are expected to spread locally heavy rains and gusty winds across portions of the Bahamas, central and eastern Cuba, and central and southern Florida during the next couple of days.

Showers & Storms

| 2:07 pm August 29, 2015

8-29-2015 2-00-15 PM

Widespread showers and storms are ongoing across much of North-Central Alabama this afternoon. No severe storms, but storms today are producing gobs of lightning, and the slow movement is allowing for very heavy rainfall. There may be a few areas of localized flooding under some of the storms. However, not everyone will see rain today.

General movement of storms today is from the southeast to the northwest. These showers and storms will continue through the afternoon and evening, and some showers will continue through the overnight as well.

Showers & Storms, Danny Weakening

| 3:05 pm August 22, 2015

It’s a muggy and hot day across the state, but we are seeing showers and storms this afternoon as well. We will continue to see the pockets of convection through the afternoon and evening. Storms are producing a lot of rain, gusty winds, and gobs of lightning.

8-22-2015 2-56-34 PM

Severe storms are not expected, but we do note the SPC has the northern half of Alabama highlighted in a “marginal risk.” If there are any severe storms, the main concern will be straight-line winds. We should begin to see the convection winding down once the sun sets.

8-22-2015 2-48-33 PM

DANNY WEAKENING: After reaching category 3 strength yesterday, Danny has started weakening as he encounters a more hostile environment of dry air and wind shear. The latest update on Danny has his winds down to 85 mph, which makes him a category 1 storm.


Danny continues to move towards the west-northwest and will likely weaken to a tropical storm by the time it impacts the northern Lesser Antilles early in the week. The global models continue to weaken Danny as it tracks through the islands and continues to weaken it as well. Of course, we will continue to watch the last development with Danny.

8-22-2015 1-04-11 PM

SUNDAY: Tomorrow will be similar to today, but we the upper-level short wave pulling away, we should see fewer showers and storms. Nevertheless, there will be showers and storms once again, mainly during the afternoon and evening hours. We should see highs near 90 degrees.

Storms West, Sun East

| 3:06 pm August 15, 2015

Most of Central Alabama is seeing more sun than clouds, but we are seeing a lot more cloud cover over West and Northwest Alabama. We can see that in the visible satellite image below. Lots of those puffy white clouds showing up, while most of the state bask in sunshine.

8-15-2015 2-42-20 PM

Where it is raining we are seeing temps in the 70s and 80s, where it is not, upper 80s and lower 90s are more common. For the most part, it is a hot and humid day across much of North-Central Alabama .

8-15-2015 2-48-07 PM

Showers and storms continue to impact many locations across West and Northwest Alabama. We continue to see the bulk of the convection west of Interstate 65 with a few storms scattered elsewhere across the state.

Heavy rain and lots of lightning are the main threats with these storms. There could be a few isolated areas of localized flooding for some areas seeing the storms today. These showers and storms will continue through the afternoon and evening, and should begin to wind down slowly once the sun sets and daytime heating is loss.

8-15-2015 3-02-24 PM

Tomorrow will be very similar to today. Expect a mix of sun and clouds with highs into the 90s. We will see scattered showers and storms once again, but like today, not everyone will see rain, and the vast majority of us will be stay dry.

West Alabama Storms

| 1:25 pm August 15, 2015

As we have seen the past few days, a weak boundary has been moving across the state. It is moving from east to west, and today it is over West Alabama. It is providing enough uplift to allow the warm and moist air mass over the state to develop plenty of showers and storms.

These storms are not moving much, and the ones that are, have a general northwesterly movement. These storms are producing a lot of lightning, gusty winds, and very heavy rainfall. We have seen a flash flood warning across the Tennessee Valley and we could see a few localized areas of flooding with some of the more intense storms. Just about every storm is west of Interstate 65 and the U.S. 43 corridor is being impacted from the Gulf Coast to the Tennessee Valley.

Today’s showers and storms will continue through the afternoon and evening, and should begin to wind down slowly once the sun sets and daytime heating is loss.

8-15-2015 1-18-44 PM

Mostly Sunny and Hot

| 2:36 pm August 8, 2015

8-8-2015 2-21-11 PM

We are seeing plenty of sunshine and that is allowing our temperatures to climb well into the 90s. Most locations across Central Alabama should see highs this afternoon in the 93-97 degree range.

8-8-2015 2-25-02 PM

It is a humid day out there as well, and a heat advisory is in effect for portions of Central Alabama, mainly west of Interstate 65. Heat index values are over 100F and for some locations, over 105F.

8-8-2015 2-26-43 PM

Is there any chance of heat relief? Well rain chances are low, but still not zero,  isolated storms are developing over portions of West and South Alabama, but these are few and far between. I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting any through much of Central Alabama as most locations will be staying dry.

8-8-2015 2-31-45 PM

Tonight, expect fair conditions with overnight lows in the 70s. Then for Sunday, expect plenty of sunshine and temps to climb even higher. We should all see upper 90s and some areas will see triple digit heat. It is likely the heat advisory will be expanded through the rest of Central Alabama. It is going to be very hot so take it easy out there.